offline GatoMuerto Imperator UpperClass
Friday 03/08/2007, 18:22

I broke down. I bought creds and then packs. Just racked up enough tourn plays to pay for another pack, and now I am wondering what is the best method for "buying in"? For the 20C packs, it is obvious that you are attempting to buy the packs that correspond to the clan you want, but what is the real spread on rare/unc/com? 1/3/8?

Additionally, just wondering if it is better to buy "Full Deck" packs (guaranteed 5-star, which are usually worth at least 1k), or you have a better payoff long-term with the smaller 20C packs. I've gotten a couple bad and a couple good with the 20Cs, but my last one was rather... disheartening.

I play(ed) MtG, so I am used to packs with 1R,3U,11C. Does the 50C packs have a different collation from the 20C, or is the collation the same, with the inclusion of an "additional" 5-star char?

offline esgfs Novice  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 16:14

I'm gettin 50credits soon so i'll have 60 cos i got saved up 10 , new blood now are risky becase as jerre said the cards in there aren't very good and the cances of gettin a newer card are very low , i can get 3 packs but it hard to choose cos new blood not very good anymore any suggestions?

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Saturday 04/08/2007, 17:14

The best is to buy new blood packs as soon as new card are released, then sell each singel new card you get. By the evening the will be cheaper so you can buy then with some profit.

The more you wait the cheaper they'll be.

offline esgfs Novice  
Saturday 04/08/2007, 19:31

My 3 new blood packs were pretty awesome!:
mickey moose
tshern and
not bad for 60credits =D

offline 0-kaizer13 Veteran Anjeng!
Tuesday 21/08/2007, 15:47

It's all about luck..
My first pack contain Loma Noju, then my second pack contain Vickie ! I sold my vickie for 30 000 clintz, i wish that i can repeat my second pack.. smiley

offline 0Vman Titan  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 16:58

I believe that Memento Mori has a point, if you are going for all of the cards like i did, then you should definatly buy the full pack, action, danger, and cool packs, but if you are looking to make money like I do now, then wait two weeks and when the new characters come out, buy the packs right away, that way you can turn around and sell them and make a huge profit

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