offline tiko_1EVO Titan  
Monday 06/08/2007, 22:12

I would like to think I have a good deck but I have never come close to the type of battle points that the top 10 or top 75 players get. I have tried to battle with lower level cards, higher level cards and a mixture of both. Randomness always seems to play into the mix and fluke wins/losses change battle point results. Also, I noticed that after I finished 1 battle, the leader already had close to 60 battle points only 3-5 minutes into the tournament... how are they able to play so quickly or point so high?

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Wednesday 08/08/2007, 10:16

Yep, what Sven said is right, and all evo decks that score many points in a tourny are similar, but his is generally better than most. People have probably figure out why smiley

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Wednesday 08/08/2007, 10:17

Mine was similar with a different clan (freaks), but was missing one element that was important in gaining a few extra points every few battles or so

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