Wednesday 30/12/2009, 04:31

I have completed the Alpha version of the Mission wiki site. I have 148/225 missions up or more.

PLEASE please please please, (and I am looking at you admins and mods the most as you have completed a lot) help me find the missing missions including:
Mission name, Mission requirements, Mission points awarded, Award, and is it secret?

You can directly edit the wiki, or if you get confused by the code you can always UR mail me the add.

Note: Do not change the mission reward from "Card" The card is random and may not always be the same.

Sunday 03/01/2010, 05:05

Well, i did a win 5 battles with *enter clan* and i got a common card

Sunday 03/01/2010, 05:18

Strongest woman in the world- 200 damage with Olga
the great battle II- Win 50 fights with KO from Hammer

These are some i deducted from the French site with my google translator

Sunday 03/01/2010, 16:57

Are there any missions for Fang Pi besides Kinjo and Unagi?

Monday 04/01/2010, 00:06

There is a mission for Sylth

Monday 04/01/2010, 10:49

This WIN 70 rounds with Emethsmiley

Friday 08/01/2010, 19:54

Well i checked and you didn't got this mission placed 700 damage with Askai

Saturday 09/01/2010, 00:20

Wow, Askai has 2 missions?

Friday 15/01/2010, 22:27


The page just made it onto the community website page!!! Go vote the number up!


Saturday 16/01/2010, 04:24

Actually I think there should be some descriptions on how to get some secret missions.... like the DT ones...
or do they show up after you complete them? you should show that...
just suggesting...

Saturday 16/01/2010, 11:24

Lolz, I have no idea what the requirements are, YOU should know that. I put the wiki up so that anyone can edit, or mail me an add. Please help! smiley

just suggesting...


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