offline Skully LoA Master Legends of America
Wednesday 30/12/2009, 04:31

I have completed the Alpha version of the Mission wiki site. I have 148/225 missions up or more.

PLEASE please please please, (and I am looking at you admins and mods the most as you have completed a lot) help me find the missing missions including:
Mission name, Mission requirements, Mission points awarded, Award, and is it secret?

You can directly edit the wiki, or if you get confused by the code you can always UR mail me the add.

Note: Do not change the mission reward from "Card" The card is random and may not always be the same.

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Saturday 13/03/2010, 16:33

@Euzebe: How do you unlock certain missions like Fuzz and Gil? Is it just random or you have to finish a certain mission?

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Saturday 13/03/2010, 17:27

I think you get the cards, you get the mission, you just have to finish them until you know that they exist if they are secret

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Sunday 14/03/2010, 01:32

@TheCynic: I have the cards but the missions wont come up

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Sunday 14/03/2010, 03:46

@ 0 McV SaNiTy

They are secret missions - you have to complete the mission before the reward comes up or they say they are completed.

offline --werewolf-- Senior Heavenly Heights
Sunday 14/03/2010, 04:13

HI is there a way on knowing my total damage i want to know how clos to 4k damage i am

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Sunday 14/03/2010, 04:19

I said in my post you wouldn't know they exist until you finish them didn't i?

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Monday 15/03/2010, 16:07

@ Trippe: Thanks, i just got the Gil one

@ Cynic: I miss-read

offline SadisticCynic Hero  
Thursday 18/03/2010, 05:17

OMG, i've just found out something, the 225 missions that the admins have at the game rules page... they are only counting secret missions... and now it's 241 secret missions... so that means the mission wiki needs wayyyyyyyyyy more updating...
also, i heard someone saying they unlocked the 1000 montana mission which isn't on the mission wiki ( check it), so it's possible that there is a secret 1000 mission for everyclan, just like the inflict damage missions...

offline maki_mUR Senior Dragons Cro Clan
Thursday 18/03/2010, 20:30

They're not only counting secret missions, they're counting all of them. And btw, now it's 318 missions smiley

offline Ycarus DDC Guru Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 18/03/2010, 20:40

318 missions? there are new missions?!?!

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