Wednesday 30/12/2009, 04:31

I have completed the Alpha version of the Mission wiki site. I have 148/225 missions up or more.

PLEASE please please please, (and I am looking at you admins and mods the most as you have completed a lot) help me find the missing missions including:
Mission name, Mission requirements, Mission points awarded, Award, and is it secret?

You can directly edit the wiki, or if you get confused by the code you can always UR mail me the add.

Note: Do not change the mission reward from "Card" The card is random and may not always be the same.

Thursday 18/03/2010, 20:55

How? there only 225 it is lie

Thursday 18/03/2010, 21:19

I was hopen there be 225 for a while before more showen up 318 is enuff no more for a year. let the new cards build up plz.

Thursday 18/03/2010, 21:32

Theres only 225 we got them all

Thursday 18/03/2010, 22:11

Thursday 18/03/2010, 22:13

Thursday 18/03/2010, 22:24

Go to the game rules section and click on missions

Thursday 18/03/2010, 22:33

It states in the missions section of the game rules that there are 318 missions.

Friday 19/03/2010, 19:15

That's because they just updated them like yesterday or this morning

Sunday 21/03/2010, 23:53

Wonderful guide, use it all the time.

Tuesday 30/03/2010, 14:38

Can someone explain this to me?
"There are currently 318 missions available, you have unlocked 47."
check my profile, it says i've finished quite a few missions and they say i've unlocked 47... i don't get it


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