Wednesday 30/12/2009, 04:31

I have completed the Alpha version of the Mission wiki site. I have 148/225 missions up or more.

PLEASE please please please, (and I am looking at you admins and mods the most as you have completed a lot) help me find the missing missions including:
Mission name, Mission requirements, Mission points awarded, Award, and is it secret?

You can directly edit the wiki, or if you get confused by the code you can always UR mail me the add.

Note: Do not change the mission reward from "Card" The card is random and may not always be the same.

Friday 02/07/2010, 17:54

Has anyone gotten Rolph before Toro? I've been counting wins with Rolph and gotten way past 100

Wednesday 21/07/2010, 21:51

Thx LoA for ur wiki site. thx for ur work! go on! smiley

greetz from the people with endless partytime! smiley

Wednesday 08/09/2010, 01:07

How do u get Ray

Thursday 25/11/2010, 11:33

What's with the mission: Egyptian Curse - inflict 50dmg with Neferniti
It doesn't work for me...does anybody know why ???

Thursday 25/11/2010, 20:22

Maybe because it's secret. Try doing that 50 damage first if you haven't.

Saturday 27/11/2010, 20:56

Good thread to ask about releasing Vortex missions

Monday 27/12/2010, 14:21

Real big help dude smiley

Sunday 16/01/2011, 04:30

It seems UR had been made some change about mission prize

Monday 28/03/2011, 22:40

Hey, can anyone confirm that the reward is 30 credits for any of the 500 matches missions? Because I can confirm that the Rescue one gives 20 credits. so it seems really unfair that some clans would get 30 and others 20 credits :S

Friday 08/04/2011, 15:25

@maki : yeah,i am agree with you
in urmissionwiki stated that wins 500 battle with Bangers earn 30 credit,but my friend only got 20 credit by doing so
i am just wandering could it be that mission 500 wins will earn 20 OR 30 credits (2 probabilites) just like large prize that have 3 probabilities (15credit,2k or rare card)
i had been completed 500 with Junkz and got 20credits smiley


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