Sunday 03/08/2014, 14:31

DvF. Where the best event makers are made.

If you are looking for a crazy and unusal part then look no further
because D-Versified Productions has a casting call for you. As
the set for the insane acts of UR, DvF has everything you are looking
for in a gig.

Laid back atmosphere
Active boards
Helpful guildies
amazing events! (top notch event makers!)
Awesome admins!

So if you think that you can handle the role of guildie for the craziest guild in UR stop by and see if you have what it takes....

Casting Requirements: lvl 25+ and a good fair play rating

Parental Advisory: DvF members are trained professionals please don't try this at home folks

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Saturday 02/01/2010, 02:55

Hmmm why is it that chocolate always seems to find a way right by my name......but anyways lol.

If you are looking for off the wall and insane then stop by and see the won't be disappointed.....

Saturday 02/01/2010, 03:43

This message is approved by cloud Wolf smiley

Saturday 02/01/2010, 07:39

Join and take part in their insanity.

Saturday 02/01/2010, 14:01

The circus is in town ladies and gents. if u don't wanna miss the show, join up this second

Saturday 02/01/2010, 14:05

And mahdin's the clown!

Saturday 02/01/2010, 14:23

And i'll always be putting on my best performance for the best ppl in UR. the ppl of DvF!

Saturday 02/01/2010, 15:19

This guild is approved by Manfred. Cummon that's gotta mean something. smiley

Saturday 02/01/2010, 15:42

The greatest english elo player of all time. i am proud to hav u comment here sirsmiley

Saturday 02/01/2010, 16:43

We've already got a fully running MB with plenty of subjects to discuss, and share a variety of things. com and join in the fun

Saturday 02/01/2010, 16:48

I personally put my name and reputation on the line for this guild. Chipper and Mahdin are great friends and awesome players. Join them and you will not regret it, miss out on their casting call and you may miss out on some great times.


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