offline Xephora Titan  
Tuesday 07/08/2007, 17:45

I bought 8 full decks today, and in every one of them, i got at least 2 uncommons and 1 rare. did they finally fix the full decks? as opposed to some of the full decks i got last week that were like 6 or 7 commons and 1 or 2 uncommons. if anybody knows if they fixed the regular 3 card packs too, let me know.

offline OnlineHelper Novice Academy of Elite team
Friday 10/08/2007, 16:53

When did they say they were changing the packs?smileyThe way everyone is talking it sounds like there was a major anouncment

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 05:40

Im gonna buy my first pack when i have 20 credits........i hope i dont get all commons but i hope its like this:rare,uncommon,common thats a better combination smiley

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 14/08/2007, 07:35

You can't get a pack of all commons anymore.


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