offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 14/08/2006, 01:45

Now I evo a lot, and I've seen all manner of nonsense in the name of Evo.

I understand that especially in tournaments you don't want to lose during an Evo match. However I also see a lot of people forgetting what the point of the match is. There's no ability to communicate between people so you have to actually consider your opponent when you're evoing.

Things not to do: I understand that people run completed characters. Maybe it's because they forgot to take them out, maybe it's to make sure that they have someone for their opponents to beat up and not have to pick and chose who gets xp. Whatever the reason there's certain characters to avoid.

1) Anything with a 7 or 8 power. (Vickie, Dorian, Wanda, GraksmxxT)

How exactly do you expect a 1 power character with 6 pillz to beat a 7 power character?

2) Groups of Sakrohm, Uppers, or Montana characters, or anyone who reduces Attack or Power (Estalt, Lost Hogg, Jackie)

All three of these groups have a bonus of - attack to the opponent. As if it wasn't hard enough for a 2 power character to beat someone, with their piddling 14 ATK you're going to take away half of it?

3) Lao, Don, Crystal, Copper etc.

I've lost more matches before their time because of 8 damage characters overpowering my character on round 2 and then doing 8 to me KOing me because the previous round I'd taken 4 or 5, and Lao in particular is dangerous if you're leveling fellow Fang Pi Clang members.

Characters that are a good idea to use as Evo targets (In no particular Order)

1) Uranus
2) Ricardo
3) Sigmund
4) Ninja Nyne
5) Vermyn N
6) Gina Glint

offline rafasmax Senior  
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 00:53

What is Evo?

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 14:38

EVO is short for evolution game. It's a way of playing that allows for two wins during a match -- theorethically this means two of your cards will get more XP and evolve faster.

This system is based on the players credibility and if you read more on EVO there really isn't any infrastructure securing that you play to the understood rules.

Check the Master Tips on the left menu and there is an explanation of how to play EVO.

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