offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Sunday 12/08/2007, 10:59

I just don't understand how I win almost every battle, with a low cost deck and end up with half the points of the leader everytime saving pills while knocking people out. It almost seems as if someone has to lay down with a deck full of 5 stars against a deck full of 2 stars to get the consistent 40-60 point jumps they make upon every refresh. I'm implying something just not sure what. I guess I am saying its one thing to be good, another to be consistently good. Then is a whole different ball of wax to be ridiculously good and make fools of the same people over and over.

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Sunday 12/08/2007, 11:54

Not to point any fingers but isn't the guild fairplays motto to never refuse a challenge, they sure refuse alot during tourneys.

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Sunday 12/08/2007, 12:00

Curious Sven Evo Why it says NO REFUSE when i look at your profile. It seems you are teaching people fairplay but not following it, you always refuse me during tournaments.

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Sunday 12/08/2007, 12:09

How many battles do you play in a tournament? How fast do you play? Also we should also consider that most leaders in daily tournament use EVO. There many other factors.

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Sunday 12/08/2007, 12:14

Perhaps Hiding the names also on the challenges would help remedy this, I see the names of the people I am challenging so others obviously can still control who they are fighting with or refusing. For the people doing the manipulating they don't need guild or level info just the nickname.

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 12/08/2007, 14:54

No comment,peace my friends.
I just "taught" myself how to do the winning from time to time,i am not cheating(you can even call the mods/admins in the game).Just like a song,has its chords and pluckings,i try to "didscover".I am not a guy who used to copy people's work or strategies.
You said no refuse,of course i am playing evo and at the bio there refuse means no refuse on elo.I knew it from the very first point of this thread was to target my name because i won lots of tournament this week.
PERIOD.I call my friend to close the subject and let him decide if he blacklist you or not.

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