Wednesday 15/08/2007, 17:59

Well its simple,of course I start off with the rules:
The deck comprises/consists of:
-25 stars only
-no cr
-cards forbidden in elo are allowed(except collectors)
-sun/soleil cards are usable

I call this an Open challenge,if ever you can beat me 3 out of 5 matches,im sure im giving you away 10,000 clintz right away but if you loose you will pay me 4000 clintz(sounds fair eh?)
Honesty is the best policy.Pm me if you are willing to fight me.


Wednesday 22/08/2007, 05:08

Hahaha.. you cannot beat him! smiley.. he is too good...
i think no one can take the prices... smiley

galing tlga. smiley.. dame mo mo bktima hehe joke...smiley

well goodluck to u seven and to all who want to beat you...smiley

Wednesday 22/08/2007, 05:56

Sven hook me up with a battle...ill give you a try smiley

Saturday 25/08/2007, 04:00

Easy, just play with a bunch of single round KO cards... Kinjo, Lost Hog, (and Timber+ Nonam
then a bunch of 1 star cards smiley like Windy Mor, Xai leming Jane Ramba, and (i don't know, maybe Bruce)
and hope for the better draws smiley you're in a bad spot if you draw all the wrong cards though, but all cards have a + damage bonus, so you're still in a decent position to win regardless(unless Sven plays with Pussycats...
good luck everybody smiley

Saturday 25/08/2007, 14:59

No wasn't playing with Pussycats,but its good because you combo with Uppers smiley
Pretty good NudeCeleb,do you like to make 3 out of 5 games?I'm always open nowadayssmiley

Sunday 26/08/2007, 01:32

smileygudluck seven...smiley

Sunday 26/08/2007, 07:38

Nah, i've been kinda focusing more on community, rather than battle lately, perhaps next month i'll start up the battling again.

Saturday 01/09/2007, 19:49

Lol lets see who can kill this legendary player

Sunday 02/09/2007, 23:49

I want to challenge you

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 10:16

Hey, interesting idea. I'm up for the challenge, of course. Sven, game on! smiley


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