offline biduin Imperator ELITE_LTU
Wednesday 16/08/2006, 17:19

I`ve got 1 question about credits
i have 10 credits i can buy in the shop 1000 clintz if i`ll buy them after purchase will i be able to sell/trade Characters not to Kate?

offline biduin Imperator ELITE_LTU
Saturday 19/08/2006, 16:58

I live in lithuania and ithere stupid rules about getting credit card

like you must to work 2 years and get minimum payment of 10.000$ in 1 week thats for visa electron for visa 20.000$

offline Prezelino Hero  
Saturday 19/08/2006, 17:39

Mmm there's no for earn some money...but if they want to earn, it's not a crime. so say that: "i wanna earn some money if you don't like it your own business". in this way many problems are avoided. XD

offline Kupofather Imperator Moogle Mafia
Sunday 20/08/2006, 05:58

I think if you get credits from an sponsoree you should be able to sell... ive earned the site something like 3400 credits, and i still cant sell my cards LOL

offline Oldrepublican Master  
Monday 21/08/2006, 01:10

I disagree i tink as soon as u buy a pak then u skould trade and sell, plus i havnt seen any polls smiley, anyway its hard for people to earn credits without paying

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 21/08/2006, 05:34

Actually if you have a Paypal account (which by the way UR takes), then you can get your currency converted to Euros. Then you can spend the $2.50 American it costs to get a lifetime ability to sell characters.

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