offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 15/02/2010, 16:15

Hello all,

I talked about it last week, now it's done :
A new flash version has been released. These new optimizations will offer more speed and flowing. This flash version should give your computer a break smiley

The black images glitch is fixed.
The screen you could see at the end of each match with your characters XP has been rebuilt and is much more ergonomic.

Have fun smiley

offline Fraggle Titan  
Tuesday 09/03/2010, 18:18

@kelmhike: i dont think it has anything to do with the update... just a new office policy at your work.

@baronight: the MIN card price has been added directly on the card. Since avg & max where really not meaningful at all, we have removed them.

offline Baronight Imperator X. LycurguS .X
Tuesday 09/03/2010, 18:46


the MIN card price has been added to the card, which is good if you just want to browse through your card...
neat feature, but not needed when you are buying card on market,
especially if you are looking for lvl1 card, 0xp or anything close to that

let me give you my personal view of market RUSH MODE:
- constant click on refresh to get latest update
- i see wanda being show on top of the list with price 585clintz (level 2) all the way
- it is on the top list = someone add new wanda, i know that, but i have no idea their min price....
- so i have to check it out for possible 586clintz (level1) or anything cheaper than 2000clintz....
- now what i see? just a big green button with no min price for lvl1

offline Fraggle Titan  
Tuesday 09/03/2010, 18:56

@Baronight: I dont understand your message (i tried).

@others: There is an option to enable/disable the prices on the cards.

offline Baronight Imperator X. LycurguS .X
Tuesday 09/03/2010, 19:08


ahhh dang, i did not see that...i guess that's what happen when you play in window-size mode
i thought the minimum price will only show on the collection page...
i guess it also shown on the character page bad

offline Baronight Imperator X. LycurguS .X
Tuesday 09/03/2010, 23:21

Thanks a lot for the change Fraggle smiley
now that's what i called friendly user interface...

- the button is there
- the min price of the card for each level were layout nicely in sequential order,
which make price comparison much faster without you having to see it one by one from the picture...

offline spitz the god Novice  
Tuesday 16/11/2010, 16:19

I really dont know where to say this so ill try here, lol. i have looked everywhere on the internet to fix this and cant find anything. i cannot play UR on my pc. i can only play on my ipod. when i load the room, after the loading screen i just get a blue screen with little squares. nothing will happen after that. i really wanna play on my computer because its more convienient. i have deleted my cookies/cache.. and i updated flash. didnt work so i uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. didnt work. im at wits end here... any help is appreciated

offline spitz the god Novice  
Tuesday 16/11/2010, 17:42

Ok...disregard that an idiot, lol

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Tuesday 16/11/2010, 17:49

Go write to support, man.

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