New update

Friday 19/02/2010, 15:12

Hello all,

After the last optimized version a small update has been made today and it's already available.
All the wonderful and amazing corrections and improvements you'll find in it :
- new display of the missions list and of the match result
- new animations at the end of the fight
- some fight incons and sounds changes
- a sound will be played if you are about to timeout
- the clan tooltip glitch is solved (it wasn't possible to see the clan name by clicking on a card, now it is)

Have fun ^^

Thursday 08/04/2010, 18:25

I pressed the "home" button to go to the home page and then I was transfered to a It forced me to log in again and now it isn't but What happened? :S

Thursday 08/04/2010, 19:12

I saw the same thing. played the last tourney with it then freaked and changed my password. lol

Monday 04/07/2011, 18:18

How do you get the update

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:14

I won three times against the deck,but the counter not moved...i completed the first level *4 missions* and i cant pass on the 2nd level! what to do?? :confused::confused:

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:17

Is it a glitch?

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:22

Is it a glitch?

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:46

The final animations are realy cool! makes me laught :dork:^__^

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:49


You don't get an update. If i'm not mistaken, the UR staff updates the website and and db often :thumbsup:

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:55

Just tested it out and I AM LOVING IT! Really good animation at the 4th round :cool:

Monday 04/07/2011, 20:56

:shock: WHOA!! YOU CAN NOW SEE HOW MUCH TIME YOU HAVE TO PLAY YOUR CARD!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I LIKE!


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