offline pumpkin Guru  
Saturday 18/08/2007, 16:20

Hello everyone,

As you know, we make modifications regularly in order to make the game better for everyone.
So, as of Monday, the daily tournaments will change:

New formats:

2 (perhaps 3) new formats will appear with the following rules: no doubles, not more than X stars, and not less than X stars.
It is much less restrictive than ELO mode, but still ensures certain balances exist between players Decks.

Addition of special rooms:

New special tournament rooms will be created for each of the new formats (not required for players of very low and high level). These rooms will be available at all times but matches will count towards tournaments only when a tournament is in progress (like the current system).

Withdrawal of the other rooms from the tournaments:

The matches in the other rooms will not count towards tournaments (even when a tournament is in progress). This is so that everyone plays under identical conditions during the tournaments.

- Lowering of level up bonus during the tournaments:

These changes are being made so that tournaments are played in a “combative” spirit and the rules of Urban are not twisted, giving an advantage too strong on certain types of “way of playing”. The bonus for leveling up a character during the tournaments will be reduced from 5 points per level at 2 points. This isn't meant as a punishment for people who played with certain styles.

Have fun!

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 20/08/2007, 10:50

The new format is ok with me but the rooms still has some bugs. It said that random is deactivated but there a few times that my cards lose when there is only little difference in attack.

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Monday 20/08/2007, 10:50

Is there any chance that there will be non-random type 1 and 2 rooms?

Because randomness kills smiley

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Monday 20/08/2007, 10:56


offline Blu Sevens Hero  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:00

I feel really very bad, being the only one (so far) who complains about this, but... MUST all the new tournament rooms be "random"?! I HATE random factor in battles, because it seems to always work against me, sometime to frankly rediculous degree, where my character has TWICE (x2) attack rating then opponent's, but loses anyway! (Plus, random factor makes all the calculations meaningless, esentially turning battles into guessing - and luck - games, which, I have to say, makes them rather stupid.)

Erm... What I mean to say is that perhaps it will be possible to make "no random factor" tournament rooms too..? >_>

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:05

Lol players are already stressing the random factor problem......

Blu Stevens is right...the danger zone previously for tournaments were so much better, and yh the random factor seems to work against me alot too smiley

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:16

I see my mistake. The rooms are meant to have random. I think no random tournament rooms should aslo be added.

offline 0 Gunvald 0 Titan  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:28

There is a room with no random factor but still count as tournament
try elo battle no random smiley

offline Diplo_ Colossus  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:33

I strongly agree with 1ShadowUK and Blu Sevens! Please, "no random" tournament room(s)

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:36

@ ApolloSAW

I only have 1 zatman , and I dont have a jackie >_>...

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Monday 20/08/2007, 11:52

Oh yeah, when does the non-random rooms come?

will there be non-random rooms?smiley

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