offline pumpkin Guru  
Saturday 18/08/2007, 16:20

Hello everyone,

As you know, we make modifications regularly in order to make the game better for everyone.
So, as of Monday, the daily tournaments will change:

New formats:

2 (perhaps 3) new formats will appear with the following rules: no doubles, not more than X stars, and not less than X stars.
It is much less restrictive than ELO mode, but still ensures certain balances exist between players Decks.

Addition of special rooms:

New special tournament rooms will be created for each of the new formats (not required for players of very low and high level). These rooms will be available at all times but matches will count towards tournaments only when a tournament is in progress (like the current system).

Withdrawal of the other rooms from the tournaments:

The matches in the other rooms will not count towards tournaments (even when a tournament is in progress). This is so that everyone plays under identical conditions during the tournaments.

- Lowering of level up bonus during the tournaments:

These changes are being made so that tournaments are played in a “combative” spirit and the rules of Urban are not twisted, giving an advantage too strong on certain types of “way of playing”. The bonus for leveling up a character during the tournaments will be reduced from 5 points per level at 2 points. This isn't meant as a punishment for people who played with certain styles.

Have fun!

offline EVO-Coda Colossus  
Tuesday 21/08/2007, 16:23

Ok I was mellow now I am mad, this has officially ruined the game for me now theres a bunch of imposters putting evo on their name and not even letting me evo.

I spend money on this game

The markets hashed
Evo is hashed
The tournaments are now hashed.

offline Montigue Hero  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 00:26

Has EVERYone forgotten so quickly: there WAS a room without random, at least a month ago, and tourney-play was operating in it. Remember the Danger Zone?--(or, whatever the actual name was =) ) The bad aspect of it was that the level was set too high, barring the lower-levels from enjoying play there.
So, why is it 'suddenly' so 'difficult' to implement Non-Random rooms for those that want it?
It is unfathomable that improvements are being made, yet such simple solutions are discarded, or aren't implemented.
Another thing: Those that dislike Random need not disparage those that like it, and vice-versa. There are valid reasons for having both features, as we can all read/glean from previous posts.
Admins: Keep the fine progress! Eliminate the bad aspects; the cheaters will have to find a different game to destroy.
Players: Re-learn what Fun and Enjoyment REALLY mean. ( Yeah yeah-- we ALL know 'fun' and 'enjoyment' are different for each person; games are supposed to be Fun and Enjoyable, in the truest senses of those words.) Change your corrupted mentalities! You can do it! smiley
Constructive criticism is more powerful, and more effective, than whining!
Thank you-- drive through,
Monty, Proponent of Decency

offline Symbolic Hero  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 01:02

I'm not getting why there is a need to be constantly changing the rooms and the formats? Are there alot of people complaing the old way was not fair? It seemed fair to me...And now there seems to be trouble brought on by these new things, I would just like to know why all of this stuff is being changed? Most games I play don't change the stuff all the time just so one group can be happy, not every one can be totally happy, but to me it seemed that the most people where happy with the old way of playing.

offline Anna_87 Master Balkan Savagez
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 01:20

Moderators! - what about price limit at the market? would you consider that as an option?!?!

offline THe ICeKiNG Hero "THe KiNG & QUeeN'S CouRT"
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 02:55

Ok this ticks me off, ive been playing in the new warehouse rooms and ive been ko'ed in the first or second round by either a kinjo or a lost hog with fury added, are those rooms for training or not im tired of getting of all of these changes and im also seeing alot of faker evo players i see that on their name sure i'll play that way, but they dont............i go to train my cards and i get my butt kicked.

Symbolic - Senior
Today at 21:02
Most games I play don't change the stuff all the time just so one group can be happy, not every one can be totally happy, but to me it seemed that the most people where happy with the old way of playing.

i totally agree with symbolic on the above u can never satisfy everyone at the same time it's virtually impossible.

offline W M Daexen Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 03:58

I for one didn't think that I would like the new format.

Now that I've tried it out though, I've found that I can still do well in the tournaments (and I'm slightly above the level 16s that have been accused of doing better in the tournaments). It just took a little assessment and an adjustment to create a newer successful deck. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but the changes can make the game fresh and not as boring.

I do like the addition of the addition of the sure shot rule - makes the random alot more manageable to those of us who are used to playing non-random. I'm still going to miss playing the tournaments without random, but I find that you do win the majority of the rounds where you have the higher attack; and with the addition of sure-shot, it makes it easier to recover from the lesser flukes of random.

Oddly, as I am one of those players who was most affected by the changes (I played multiples of single cards, non-random and unevolved cards), I feel that I must defend them. Good work the admin, for continuing to make the game fresh and new (at least to me).

I vote against having multiple simultaneous tournaments.

Best of luck to everyone who plays in the tournament,

Peace and good night

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 06:05

As I see it having multiple simultaneous tournamnets will not be a really good solution as one it will reduced the already limited number of participants in a tournament. It will reduced the amount of the possible prize. It will be more confusing.

In my opinion there should be only one format for daily tournament instead of two and just make the would be unused room in to non-random rooms.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 07:09

Jade: unfortunatly, it would be unfair if not everyone in the same tournament would be in the same conditions. That's the main reason we dropped the non-random room from tournaments. We do not like/want to make some players unhappy, but we have to make decisions.

We understand that every change will make some players unhappy. It's unfortunate smiley

Now, if you take the time to try and enjoy the new (much more fair) tournament format and the global Sureshot rule, I'm quite sure you might find that tournaments are now actually pretty interresting and that the randomness of the game can be "controlled".

And yes, the old tournament way was flawed and packed with cheaters and players who abused every rules of the game (and yes, we received tons of messages about that).
before: always the same players, always the same deck, 200 points ahead of the main players.
now: various winners (low levels and high levels), various deck, much more tension, close scores.

And if there is less participants, that's obviously because before, players were in tournaments without "knowing" it. Give a bit of time while everyone adjust to the new system.


offline 0-Jade Titan  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 09:03

I know but isn't having two type of decks format in the same tournament already makes not everyone in the same conditions?

Before Danger Zone was open to guys below level 25, people play tournaments in Dark Corner so I understand the random factor. This game started with random already applied it was meant to balance things out. With random a guy with not so good cards still has a chance to defeat a guy with elite cards. I am not against that but let's see what were the flaws in the past daily tournaments are.

1)Players use the same deck - this cannot be actually remedied. As of now everyone is experimenting what deck has the best potential with the new format and once a new deck starts to dominate then everyone will again play the same deck. Constant change is needed to atleast prevent a dominant deck from appearing. Constant change can be done by having restrictions on cards that can be used on deck. If ELO has a ban list why not for Daily Tournaments.

2)Low Level against High Level - now this another thing many are complaining about. As you have said some guys especially the new ones are easy prey during tournaments because: a)They are not prepared, b)The cards that they have are not good enough.

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Wednesday 22/08/2007, 09:18

Now in this situation if a real new guy would play in a room against some fake new guys then he has little chance of winning especially if his starting deck don't have high power cards. I may suggest that we have level limit on who can participate in daily tournaments or if you are really planning on creating simultaneous tournaments it is based on the level of the players. This way new players can be prepared to face tougher players.

3)EVO- as of now it could be safe to say that EVO play is dead. OLD died a year ago and now EVO. This is a great move on the admins parts. EVO as we all know is the easiest way to play and win. The only strategy here is the cards that you are going to use and the opponents you are going to play. Bye bye EVO.

4)Organized Play - I think you have already solved this. With an "Anti-Cheat System" . just pointing it out as a flawed in the old format.

5)Prizes - if you want to have fast Clintz play Daily Tournament. I think the Clintz being given out should now be reduced. I know guys will hate me for this but for the good of the bussiness Credits should be stronger than Clintz.

Just try to maintain balance in the game and people will like it. Just like what you did in ELO it is already about time to take out Graxx.


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