Friday 31/08/2007, 13:34

The server have to face a little pb. dont worry the staff is about to fix the pb. if you have any questions please ask the moderators

Saturday 01/09/2007, 06:18

On the rooms menu, it shows 0 players online, and I can't even enter them.
"a network error occured..."

I hope this gets fixed ASAP. but considering what your doing to the servers (improvements, etc), I can understand why the game is at this state.

Saturday 01/09/2007, 10:09

Site is back up , no battles or anything have been lost. (but we have purged battle history > 1 month and messages > 1 month).
It should work fast and flawlessly now :)

Saturday 01/09/2007, 10:19

I'm gonna miss my messages....


Saturday 01/09/2007, 10:20

Thanks Admins! :thumbsup:

Saturday 01/09/2007, 10:21

Unfortunatly, we had to purge the old messages, it was one of the main issue. We plan on reorganizing our backend for a more robust messaging system. (sept/oct)

Sunday 02/09/2007, 12:44

Damn... I'll miss my message from the ELO tournis, lol! :pirate:
Well its cool, had too much messages it was too tiring and time consuming to read and delete them all. :smirk:

Sunday 02/09/2007, 16:23

Yeah I noticed.. all of the sudden I only had 5 msg's left in my inbox just as I was about to search one :shock:

Monday 03/09/2007, 09:23

Sometimes when I go to the lost warehouse and I play my card it keeps saying ''It's your turn to play'' but when I try another
card it say ''It's not your turn to play'' when I refresh the page everything is ok.
Is this also a bug

Monday 03/09/2007, 12:41

I was in room for elo battles (no random) and after I won, and got report from battle, I accepted another challenge but I kept getting same situation from the previuos battle, with opponent having 0 life and with message it's my turn to play

after refreshing, my cards were still the same and after moving mouse above them they would change to those other cards I got for the new game - this was really confusing and annoying, hopefully won't happen again

does anyone know why this happened?

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 13:21

BAT-ANGEL is right,that happened to me 10 times


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