offline da-bigbivi Imperator  
Friday 31/08/2007, 13:34

The server have to face a little pb. dont worry the staff is about to fix the pb. if you have any questions please ask the moderators

offline Gazda Imperator Elite Balkan United
Tuesday 11/09/2007, 22:15

Hey MODERATORS why did you close subject new room and tournament formats??? let people say they mind, they payed fot this for GS! and you should fix the VERY BIG PROBLEMS very soon! cause this is annoying ! I can not calculate my very stupid losings by random factor and by players who have Venus, Dan, Pino and Wanda in their deck! and someone even say " I can not believe that I win " what is that telling you?! Why should I bother to buy credits and to buy colectors cards when flyer who costs 100 Clintz beats me, I am considering to make a new account and actually start wining some tournaments, cause it is obvious that random factor like very low level players, I am losing just by them! ! so, GIVE US APROPRIATE ROOM ! soon ! and fix the market, I dont have that kind of nerves to sit and stare at monitor for 2 minutes just to load prices which I dont want to see at all ! c'mon guys! and Timing when challenge or in game is a problem some of them last for 7-8 minutes! ! give us also market price limit ! you would agree that this is some good suggestions right Moderators?

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 12/09/2007, 08:39

You should stop complaining like that, exigences are no good. And if your problem is random factor go and play in the Danger Zone.

I like random on daily tournaments, it makes the game fast and dinamic. And this is a great game but way too simple and has no enough parameters on the winning equation to take the random factor out. Think of it, there is just a bunch of good cards in ELO mode where randomless games rule. Power * Pillz is not a good enough base to make a really good strategy game, at least for daily tournament requirements (fast games, ko endings, repetible cards...)

offline lol 78 Novice  
Wednesday 12/09/2007, 09:17

I agree , it's wrong to stop people sayin their mind , about the random factor toatally agree it is completey wrong most of the time, the market is on it's knees right now and the timeouts wastetoo much time if the opponent doesn't want to lose!

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