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25* no ELO bans
you should try and build your deck with a balance of cards,abilities, and stars. your deck format should be one of the following preferably: a split deck(4-4) mono clan(smiley mono clan + leader(7- leader) mono clan+ filler EG: mono clan + spiaghi(7-1) split deck+ leader(i dont prefer these but some people like them. 4-3-1) and split deck 2 (3-5 or 6-2.) i dont prefer a split deck V2 but again some people like them. build your deck with as little low * cards as possible. keep your deck balanced, meaning not a 4 2* and 3 5* and 1 3* deck. your gonna get low chances of getting an above decent hand to play with consistantly. (remember, your worst hand can influence how good and how successful you are when going through your ELO mission smiley)
Anyways, onto the game play and selecting your cards. try and build a blanced deck with a diverse selection of abilities.
Solid cards: cards like noodile, dorian, tyd nanook, etc. they are your powerhouses. Try and get some high powered cards in so you aren’t relying on abilities.
pill manipulators: these are optional but can be very effective. They set in a total new mind game and are great for bluffs. Most of piranhas, and junkz will be effective and the solid corvus due to his solid ability(can’t be stopped).

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 00:15

Life gainers: very effective with jungo. Think of them as damage which cant be blocked unless the ability is +1 Life Per Damage or the card is facing SOA/SOB. They are quite effective so dont be to shy of using em. effective cards like murray, jautya, ditha and jessie and the jungo bonus. Incorporate your life gainers with your DRs. Dont forget about –life cards too!

Damage reducers: these cards are almost mandatory. They can stop KOs and will work well with your heavy damagers, poisoners, and life gain cards. Your can use them with your clan, preferably DRs with low star counts and low minimums like uranus, pegh and spiaghi. (low star counts so you dont use a 4* or 5* and let the opponent beat them so easily)preferably dont pill on your DRs especially when your in the 1300s+ but if it works as a bluff it can be effective.

SOA/SOB cards: these cards are either your blockers, attackers or defender. Can be used to block an annoying ability/bonus or be used to kill off a card with a power/attack enhancing ability or to kill a strong card. Preferably, I only use lehane as a blocker/defender without any other sents because she works well and shes pretty solid. Other cards include: elvira(only rescue SOA currently), lehane, striker,gibson , Roots/GHEIST, leviatonn shakra dieter glorg kristen spycee(all effective full blockers) don’t rely on shakra because he is banned practically every week... 

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 00:16

Poisoners: I dont use them, because of how they have low damage and can be easily blocked by SOA but i will rarely use slyth in ELO(of course when hes not banned...) effective cards: greem(cant be stopped by SOA) freaks, slyth, hula, muze(works well with pussy cats bonus)

Finally, your overall power/attack manipulator cards: firstly, attack mods. Great starters with no pills, forcing your opponent to play, can be used as bluffs and great fillers. Great cards overall in low pill battles. Cards like: junkz,uppers,montana, danae, sargh,hugo, jeto mindy, arkn, rescue, sentenial. Now power mods. These cards are much more effective in high pill battles. Some are great for finishing off a KO. Cards like allstars, ulu watu, bangers, chiara, sandro, oscar, roplh, toro, etc.

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 00:35

Now onto gameplay.
Your first play CAN be crucial in each game, but don’t fret, because you can get it back depending on how bad you screwed up. Even if you lose, you get back up again and play another match. Don’t worry to much especially if your in the 1200s and below because it shouldn’t be too hard to get back the win.

Most people say that the first 2 rounds aren’t game changeing but they really are. Depending on your opening, you can influence your opponents next play. So just think before you act and think what would the opponent do.

Openings: A good opening can put you up ahead in life, or maybe even pillz . Good openers include attack manipulators, poisoners or pill manipulators. Attack mods are good for they force your opponent to either overpill or not pill at all giving you an easy hit. For example. No pillz on nimestic will make a 7 powered card pill 2 times to be ahead by 1 attack. For poisoners its obviously better to get their abilities in earlier for maximum impact. for example winning with slyth first round= 11 damage slyth round 2=8 if your going to use either bluff(can be quite effective especially with slyth) or pill heavy and use your DRs to defend. With pill manipulators, you can make your opponent overpill by a lot or not pill at all letting you take the upperhand if you pilled little.

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 00:40

. For example, bluffing with smokey cr 0 pillz then the opponent plays5 pills on scopica . or playing 2 pillz with smokey cr and the opponent pills 0 with Samantha will put you 1 pill ahead with a 3 HP lead. Bluffs are everything in ELO whether its a counter bluff or just a normal bluff, so choose which cards to pill on wisely, and see if you can win without the card you are bluffing.
Rounds 3 and 4: I’d say these are your biggest plays in your game. This is the turning point of the game unless someone has already guaranteed a win. This really depends on who started so listen carefully. If you are the attacker of round 3 this can be good for you if you are winning in health(with enough pills to let at least one of your guys win). If you have equal pillz or enough pills to make your stronger character win, then play your weaker character FIRST. This will tell you whether to fury or not if your opponent furied or didn’t. EG them:9 life you:7 life you play Rico no pillz first they fury and pill the rest on their Frankie hi. Their last card is Arno so they play 0 on him and you fury with striker and the rest of your pillz. You have won the match. Now take a look at the following situation:

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 00:42

Take a look at the following situation:
Them:4 life 8 pillz noodile and eadh(both bonuses active) you: 8 life 8 pillz Elvira and anita(full rescue bonus) your opponent is in a total gussing game of which card to pill on so why not pill a few on one and the rest on the other? Like so: anita 2 pillz and Elvira 6 pillz. Your opponent wont likely pill 2 on eadh and 6 on noodile so that will pretty much guarantee you a win if your put in a similar situation.

well thats my guide thanks for reading smiley

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 01:53

Do you want me to edit that to fix some minor mistakes so it's easier for new players to read? smiley Not that I think your guide is bad, but I just want to help out.

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 02:21

Can i post my deck now?

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Tuesday 18/05/2010, 05:48

Go ahead smiley

um spamg, why dont you PM me about the changes...

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EG them:9 life you:7 life you play Rico (U) no pillz first they fury and pill the rest on their Frankie Hi (U). Their last card is Arno (U) so they play 0 on him and you fury with Striker (U) and the rest of your pillz. You have won the match.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but unless Arno doesn't have his bonus surely Striker will only deal 5 damage, meaning they'll be on 4, while Frankie Hi + fury = 6 damage, meaning you'll be on 1.

That sounds like a loss to me..

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