offline Gone4eva Senior  
Sunday 02/09/2007, 04:02

For me its 13 damage.

offline 0-Jade Titan  
Thursday 06/09/2007, 09:19

Willy Power(5)+Bonus(2)+Ability(4)+Ambre(3) =14

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Friday 07/09/2007, 09:30

I have Ambre but i dont have any Bangers(Especially Willy(R))

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Saturday 08/09/2007, 05:11

I would NOT want to post but im finding Someone who will Sell Vansaar for 400 clintz.

offline lol 78 Novice  
Saturday 08/09/2007, 11:39

Lolz if only people were that generous

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