offline lightball20 Imperator  
Monday 24/05/2010, 03:20

I am wondering, would it be a good idea to use Zatman and jackie in a dt or would the 2 points penatly for each time each one of them is in my hand be too much

current deck is
Wayne Stark

when i get Jackie the planned deck is almost the same but
Rubie - Frankie Hi
Nellie - Jackie(I consider Wayne better than Nellie, he isnt hurt by SOA or SOB alone, and isnt hurt as much by walls)

offline TheBeatsteaks Novice  
Monday 24/05/2010, 10:33

Zatman is a bad idea because he has a good replacement in the clan, rubie which can KO w/o fury with jackie.

offline Mr Intelijent Master  
Tuesday 25/05/2010, 07:36

Use Jackie but not zatman, a 8/6 soa is worth the - 2 points

offline geoj Titan <=Chaos-Knights=>
Saturday 29/05/2010, 01:40

You need oxen in there

offline Mr Intelijent Master  
Sunday 30/05/2010, 04:55

Wayne Stark to Oxen
Wendel to Frankie hi

offline PriMinizZzTA Colossus TrAitorzZz
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 00:31

Zatman is great because even though you might lose 2 for using him you also can gain points when he wins battles against higher stars and he is excellent in doing just that.

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