offline NachomusPrime Master  
Sunday 02/09/2007, 22:15

Several times during a tournament, i timed out just as i was about to play a card. I was thinking thru my moves because i was up against people who were much higher level than i was and i had a good chance of beating a few of them. however, because the timeout peroid is so short during a tornament, i lose to them, without even getting ANY points whatsoever, not even loss points.

I feel that the timout peroid during tornaments should be increased 15-30 seconds longer. This is a game of wits, bluffs, fakes, and the like. Players need time to think. I would appreciate an admins response to this at some point.

offline NachomusPrime Master  
Monday 03/09/2007, 20:09

Dang, it seems that public opinion is against me. I take pride that in tournaments i win almost 70% of my matches. However i usually only rank around 200/3000, probably due to the fact that i don't get enough games in. Therefore i lose because i play intellegently. That seems to be a problem if you are penalized for not playing intellegently ;(

But i digress, thank you for your feedback. I will speak no more of this

offline Desert_Rabbit Hero Open Casket
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 10:29

It's good when you playing intelligently, if you think you don't have enough time, i think you should try think faster smiley

offline Coure Guru FairPlayers
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 11:08

No good thinking intelligently if you can't think fast. Anyone could take their time and use a calculator to get the same results

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