offline Seetan Fox Imperator Never give up
Monday 03/09/2007, 04:33

The tournament today is based in speed, i never entered the 50th. (because my internet connection is too low)
My sugest: the Player enter in room, and have 10 (or more) chances to fight, from the unknow list, he chellenge other player, and by one player he fight is one of chance spend...
Who obtain more points in your 10 chances, win the tournament. Equal the current tournment, since from who obtain more points to who obtain less points...

*Sorry for my english*

offline panzuriel Hero  
Wednesday 05/09/2007, 03:39

Since this thread seems to be more active than the one I made my suggestions in .. smiley .. I'll post 'em again (with some refinements) over here.

1) distribute winnings less evenly - coming 51st out of 3000 should be worth more than coming 1500th - currently both get same number of clintz and 1 credit - coming last still nets the same number of clintz, but no credit. A different distribution would make the tournaments more exciting for those not in the top 50. (Some maths to follow in a later post).

1a) no prize for anyone scoring 0 or less in a tournament (due to timeouts)

2) let the server pair up players for matches (at least for tournaments - perhaps have it as an option you can turn on at other times) - no "challenge/accept/reject" process. The server should keep track of how long each player took to respond to their last 20 turns, then match them with someone who plays about the same speed as them.

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