offline Stegy Hero  
Thursday 24/08/2006, 04:23

Here are the characters that I have:

Level 5 Vermyn N [Bangers]
Level 4 Brutox [Gheist]
Level 2 Morlha [Gheist]
Level 4 Vladimir [Gheist]
Level 3 Noodile [Roots]
Level 4 Venus [Sakrohm]
Level 3 Amy [Sentinel]
Level 3 Carlos [Sentinel]
Level 3 Akiko [Junkz] (Not in deck)
Level 3 Aldebaran [Sakrohm] (Not in deck)

Currently only Vladimir is the only character not at the max level, but he's close. I'm against the idea of buying credits via PayPal (it's just a game, overall, albeit a fun one!), so that hinders my ability to gather more characters.

I'm just wondering: What kind of Characters should I buy? I really like Sakrohm characters, as well as Sentinel and Gheist. I have 554 Clintz and 3 credits so far. Also, should I sell any of the characters that I have now? I'm thinking either Aldabaran, Morlha, or Akiko, but I can only sell to Kate.

Any suggestions?

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Sunday 27/08/2006, 15:13

If your not into buying then sell aldebaran and akiko on the oppen market that should get you a good amount of clintz to buy cards that you'll use, focus on one or two gangs you really like cause if you spread yourself to thin by buying alot of differnt gangs you might not have a viable deck. since you like ghiest and sentinels you might wanna focus on them, however if you get into elo you will run into a problem and that is those 2 gang good cards are 5 stars and you wont be able to make a good elo deck.

offline Stegy Hero  
Saturday 02/09/2006, 20:44

I changed my deck a lot now. I added:
Level 3 Gwen [Pussycats]
Level 3 Ice Jim [Ulu Watu]
Level 3 Dieter [Nightmare] (I think)
Level 3 William [Sentinels]

I sold Akiko and Morlha to Kate for some Clintz. I'm working on getting a decent collection of Pussycats for ELO play. Also, I'm finally going to get my own bank account/credit card, so I'm going to buy some more Credits (9 right now).

What would be a good gang to go with Pussycats?

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Sunday 03/09/2006, 22:04

Stegy, you can use the phone to get credits.
I think that's the safest way to get credits.

offline LazyHorse Imperator League of Extra-Horny Gentlemen
Monday 04/09/2006, 19:26

Pussycats are very flexible in elo because they have some nice 2 and 3 star cards. Just about any clan goes pretty well with them. Since you like sahrohm why not use them with your pussycats? Something like Yayoi, Wanda, Gwen, Feelyn, GraksmxxT, Uranus, Venus, and Caciope would be a viable ELO deck.

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