offline Wispy Imperator  
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 12:17

I was thinking of making a deck of mono Piranas:

Smokey Cr
Tyd / Andsom
Selma / Dalhai

So i was wondering which cards should i use Tyd / Andsom and Selma / Dalhai (or others) and would it be effective?

offline art633 Veteran  
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 15:50

I use this one:
It does good, I just started playing it and I'm winning a lot, and this is not the best week for this kind of deck when Caelus is on the lose smiley I will use Morphun over Dalhia and Andsom over Taljon when Morphun will be unbanned, I think it will do better, already tried it a little and with Morphun, no card loses anything, and Andsom, Smokey and Scubb are 4 pill gap monsters smiley even Hawkins become great with Morphun smiley

offline MeetZackBlack Hero  
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 15:55

Dalhia can make a scary bluff and a great reducer, and although her damage is low, her 8 power + Sob makes up for it.
Selma, on the other hand, has no min, so you can pill freely, and you probably want to with her 7 damage. Although her 7 power is high, most players prefer Dahlia's 8. It's your choice :O

Tyd or Andsom. My instinct would be straight away Tyd. He's better than Andsom in alot of ways, his 8 power is super strong (and Piranas need super strong) whereas Andsom only has 6. And even if Andsom does get in he's -3, your probably gonna have to pill alot anyway and it just isn't worth the damage.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Wednesday 02/06/2010, 16:00

The deck is good. While I think Adsom is a relatively underrated card, Tyd trumps him completely. his 8/4 with Sob makes him one of the most effect walls in the game.

Semla and Dalhia is really down to preference. I prefer Dalhia for a few reasons:

-pillz is just more of a threat.
If you use Dalhia, the deck has an even balance of pill manipulators. 2x -pills, 2x plus pillz.

Selma is easier to use, certainly, and her extra damage is very appealing, but I prefer to reduce my Opp's pillz and score an advantage to fury my wins.

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