offline Blue Teddy Novice  
Friday 04/06/2010, 00:47

Deck so far is :


Suzie or Benson? Or any other suggestions?

offline Brusque Hero  
Friday 04/06/2010, 02:09

Suzie is better, but more risky, and benson is a little worse, but safe. i would go with benson, but that is just me.

offline Blue Teddy Novice  
Friday 04/06/2010, 04:03

OK, thanks, Do you think I should make any changes to the rest of the deck?

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Friday 04/06/2010, 07:30

Pam --> Anita

I think you should go with Suzie as she is great versus DR and has a higher power. It's your call, test both out and see who works better smiley

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 04/06/2010, 10:07

Suzie is better, and if you have money, like Trippie said, pam to anita because anita can make up to 10 life gap

offline MeetZackBlack Hero  
Friday 04/06/2010, 23:19

Yup, definetely Pam to Anita. I like to use Benson because Survivor ELO is swarming with Soa's like GHEIST, and Suzie is nothing moar than a 7/2 without her ability.

offline Blue Teddy Novice  
Saturday 05/06/2010, 05:47

Thanks guys, I bought Anita... Its just wierd drawing 2 Courage based Characters in a hand.

Benson seems to be better for me. smiley

offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Thursday 10/06/2010, 17:42

The week glosh could be the best. due to shakra unbanned and no gheist bans in survivor ELO.
Normally I use Suze though, she wins a round easier and is not courage based. Though, one could argue that benson has more KO potential, I find that his ability goes against his ability to KO. Considering Suzie can be used every turn to avoid an SOA, I find that she is far superior to benson on any other week. SO... use glosh this week and suzie on other weeks.

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Saturday 12/06/2010, 22:59

I would go with suzie. Also i notice you have steve and slyde. maybe replace one of them with krash. if you replace slyde why not change glosh to aurora....i know this may not be possible because of the expense. why not try benson instead of glosh. his ability is used far more i think. (and his art is way better..smiley)

offline nonameTBBA Novice  
Wednesday 16/06/2010, 14:55

Pam to Wesley !
And Suzie is better.

Don't take Anita on the elo-survive, it can't outmaneuver!

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