offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/06/2010, 11:06

The Shop hasn’t changed in three years. It’s getting a facelift today.
Action, Cool attitude and Danger packs give way to three brand new revolutionary packs which allow you to choose which clans you’ll get in the pack. In the Classic pack, you’ll find 3 characters within 6 clans at your choice. In the Elite pack you’ll get three cards too but within 4 clans only. The Titanium pack goes further with its 30 characters within 4 clans at your choice without any doubles in.
More change : three other new packs appeared which allow you to buy Clintz so you can do your shopping in the Market directly (2000, 4000 or 10000 Clintz).
New Blood, Full Deck and Rainbow packs didn’t change et you can still find them in the Shop.

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 19/12/2010, 08:38

Ahhh! one person isn't going to buy credits!!!! how will the geame survive!?

But in all seriousness that is BS

offline JasonGYT Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 19/12/2010, 16:15

Is the ipod/phone getting the newer shop anytime soon?? Please Reply. Thanks. smiley

offline UM_Fox Legend  
Sunday 19/12/2010, 18:58

Thank you UR
Not sure its worth buying the Clintz but I`m sure there will be some that do smiley

offline Grey Fox LoA Colossus Legends of America
Monday 20/12/2010, 04:32

Is ZONG down for anyone else too?

offline josephgrade Imperator  
Monday 27/12/2010, 04:55

Itouch/iphone app needs the new chop! I have tons of cash here on itunes to spend but I don't wanna buy the old' packs!

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 27/12/2010, 23:17

I agree. an upgrade to the iphone/ipod touch app would be beautiful.

offline JasonGYT Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 28/12/2010, 17:16

Yes, i also agree that it would be nice to have the ipod/iphone shop upgraded too!!!

offline iRAWkDaWorld Hero  
Tuesday 28/12/2010, 20:19

I got like £50 on my itunes

offline E10din Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 29/12/2010, 20:46

If the shop on the app was updated i'm willing to bet that urban rivals would make much more money, because so many moe people would buy on itunes

offline bleachfan123 Senior The Shadow Wolves
Thursday 10/02/2011, 07:20

If i were to choose six clans it would be rescue cause bonus nightmare cause of the strong cards jungo and vortex because of bonus and strength bangers cause power andjunkz cause thier just plain cool smiley

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