offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 08/06/2010, 11:06

The Shop hasn’t changed in three years. It’s getting a facelift today.
Action, Cool attitude and Danger packs give way to three brand new revolutionary packs which allow you to choose which clans you’ll get in the pack. In the Classic pack, you’ll find 3 characters within 6 clans at your choice. In the Elite pack you’ll get three cards too but within 4 clans only. The Titanium pack goes further with its 30 characters within 4 clans at your choice without any doubles in.
More change : three other new packs appeared which allow you to buy Clintz so you can do your shopping in the Market directly (2000, 4000 or 10000 Clintz).
New Blood, Full Deck and Rainbow packs didn’t change et you can still find them in the Shop.

offline supwitchugirl Master  
Friday 11/02/2011, 06:47

1 fulldeck pack or two elite decks? i know you get a rare and 8 characters with full deck but with elite packs you can choose only 4 clans....?

offline sondjul Senior  
Monday 21/02/2011, 15:43


offline Soundtrack-HW Imperator humanoid weapons
Thursday 24/02/2011, 09:20

Will this also be applied to the Iphone version?

offline WeeeeRo Novice  
Friday 15/07/2011, 19:43

I'm kinda having trouble with the SMS payment in Romania..i tried sending the code twice,they took 4 euroes and no code...nor credits...can anyone tell me what's happening?...this is BS.

offline Aguia-UP Divinity UnderWorld Priests
Friday 15/07/2011, 20:44

WeeeeRo@ Contact the costumer support

offline WeeeeRo Novice  
Saturday 16/07/2011, 00:42

Aguia UP@ I already did that about 20 hours ago but i still diden't got any answer..hope eventually someone will answer..,hope i diden't payed for nothing..

offline Aguia-UP Divinity UnderWorld Priests
Saturday 16/07/2011, 01:11

Wait until Monday. If they do not respond, try again.

offline (MU) Wazzer Colossus Magic Urban
Saturday 23/07/2011, 06:10

Like me more this pack´s smiley! you can choose the clan ^-^

offline deatheagle8765 Veteran  
Saturday 14/07/2012, 07:58

What the hell where has Elite gone?? silver you cant even choose clan's and that's more than enough credits i'm not made of money

offline kkltay Guru  
Saturday 14/07/2012, 18:06

The new shop changes are terrible. Bring back the old packs please.

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