offline WolverineWX Master Total Fatality
Tuesday 08/06/2010, 12:22

Can someone give me a good Survivor deck for any price that is less than or equal to 30k.

offline Brusque Hero  
Tuesday 08/06/2010, 23:25

There is a very good preset called bimbo freaks which is pusscat freaks for 25k i have tried it and it never got me below five. also you could have baldovino grudj esmerelda hula yayoi veronica betty and 1* gwen for a lot less (no charlie) i think that either opiton will work because they both have their strong points. for the first it isi bluffing, and for the second it is pill reduction.

offline Trippie Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 09/06/2010, 11:08

Survivor ELO or Type 2?

offline WolverineWX Master Total Fatality
Wednesday 09/06/2010, 12:42

Any... but it has to be a deck that has the ability to counter and manipulate my opponent's power, damage, pill, life, bonus and/or ability. A deck worth 30K.

offline Brusque Hero  
Wednesday 09/06/2010, 22:00

Well if you want to manipulate power i would use a banger half deck of blaaster graff locioo and bennie. and then to manipulate pillz which is almost always nessecary in survivor i would use piranas i dont know them that well so i wont suggest a half for that. hope everything works out!

offline WolverineWX Master Total Fatality
Thursday 10/06/2010, 11:48

Have about a deck that only manipulates pillz and/or power cuz often i find that these 2 can work pretty well during later games. i was thinking maybe more of a deck like all stars and piranas. What do you say?

offline WolverineWX Master Total Fatality
Saturday 12/06/2010, 08:18

Any more ideas?

offline Un67 Imperator  
Saturday 12/06/2010, 14:41

Bluff and Double Bluff

Not quite the price you wanted, but still has the ability to use a ton of strategies...

offline WolverineWX Master Total Fatality
Wednesday 23/06/2010, 11:29

Yup that sounds good but not quite what i had in mind. Any other opinions you people would like to share?

offline HighFidelity Titan  
Wednesday 23/06/2010, 11:44
what i currently use, works pretty well, but is a bit over your budget, and more the poison/dr/life gain type

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