Tuesday 04/09/2007, 15:57

Compare Charlie last 5-6 month's,she is approx 8,000-10,000 clintz Vs Today's Market 2500-4000
-Its a miracle almost three-fourths is the discount(more than one-half,xD)
-Some elo players bought Charlie last few months,isn't kinda unfair for a guy like me to buy 1 Charlie for 8000+ when today i can buy 2-4 Charlie just for 8000 clintzsmiley

I dont know what i like to talk about,but why i like to express today's market is sooo cheap,is this suppose to be the rules of economy,its too suspicious for me....?
When Players Rise,The Prices go down?
Just correct me if im wrong cause i bought lots of cards like 2x-4x the value for only a single card last month...smiley

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 10:48

Yea the Freaks are getting cheaper!!!

I bought Eve lvl.1 for 450 last week and today i saw it at 380!!!smiley

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 11:15

Lol heres my bought cards:• Soushee Level 2 (C) - bought from Dadou-13 - 110 Clintz.
Kawan Level 3 (U) - bought from babynicoevo - 520 Clintz.
Myke Level 3 (C) - bought from max78c - 110 Clintz.
Eve Level 3 (U) - bought from lbg_miss_evo - 310 Clintz.
• Phonos Level 4 (U) - bought from spider-pig - 300 Clintz.
• Kenny Level 4 (R) - bought from Ace Man - 50 Clintz. (Private)
Eve Level 4 (U) - bought from Cow - 350 Clintz.
Svelthlana Level 3 (C) - bought from G baal43 - 115 Clintz.
Akiko Level 3 (U) - bought from dastar - 200 Clintz.
Burger Level 4 (U) - bought from kcfin - 500 Clintz
all cheap

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 12:15

And Zatman??? In midlle of august your price is +- 9K. Today is 4,2K!!!! auauauauaua!!!

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 12:19

I remember starting this game over a year ago and i remember buying Kinjo for 300 clintz. that's no joke seriously

Wednesday 05/09/2007, 14:51

The game mods should do something to control the deliberate inflation that many players try to inflict on the market...cards should have a minimum selling value on the market...so that they Don´t keep losing their value


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