offline Rebooth Veteran  
Thursday 24/08/2006, 19:33

Another one it 's just a suggestion guys ... i think it's much better if we can see our efficiency..what do you think guys? why not add a chatroom here or add some page scroll in our forums for better browsing.. thanks

offline AOD_CKANE Guru  
Friday 25/08/2006, 14:44

Chat room is a bad idea because of all the different timezones and languages. also it's hard to moderate a chat room.

offline Prezelino Hero  
Friday 25/08/2006, 18:36

I think a chat room is a very good idea because it makes you feel more in the game and not only a person there for chance.
but i think it's a bad idea because it could slow the connection very much and create many problems for moderators and slowlyness...
i don't know if i've written in a good english...forgive me

offline TnC-Macthorpe Imperator Tea
Friday 25/08/2006, 23:52

Don't forget that many people still play on phones which would make chatting difficult in game.

offline Rebooth Veteran  
Saturday 26/08/2006, 05:36

Sorry for suggesting about the chat room.. my concern is about the efficiency of players in our profile, why do they have to remove it?.. another suggestion please how about the inbox outbox(private msging) next to players avatar(Level, Clintz, credits, etc)smiley

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