offline LoA-Heitah Senior  
Sunday 20/06/2010, 20:25

Bans this week: Caelus, Morphun, Shakra, Hugo, Oshitsune, Toro, Marina.

That means you can play: Ghumbo, Striker, Slyth, and Sledg.

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Sunday 20/06/2010, 21:46

This week should be fun smiley
and this is what I shall be running...

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Sunday 20/06/2010, 23:21

I'm hesitant to make predictions this week as I think we all want to see Vortex in action. Maybe folks will be willing to share their experiences this week.

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Monday 21/06/2010, 04:27


Just realized Copper stays in for a second week.

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Monday 21/06/2010, 05:19

I think this week it will be butchered with Gheist Nightmare All Stars Rescue and possibly Piranas.

Wow.. tough week.

Of course it is simple deduction.
Gheist to counter Sylth and Copper
Nightmare for Ghumbo
All Stars for Striker
Rescue fir Seldg who finally makes an appearance in ELO after many, many, weeks.
And Piranas to counter Vortex and Gheist.

So this week, I think that less attack manip. will be used. (Well maybe Sentinel for Copper)

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 21/06/2010, 05:24

Ya copper wasnt even in the votes if im not mistaken.
So far vortex have been no big deal for me since I'm running half deck nightmare. I think once they get a little more support they should be ok. There bonus is good, but not overpowered like many say it is.

offline zazathehut Senior  
Monday 21/06/2010, 06:10

as for copper, he's a nice card, but i never saw him as a powerhouse

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Monday 21/06/2010, 13:47

I'll be running Sentinel with either Ulu Watu or All Stars. Both do well against a variety of decks and ought to get me to 1200.

offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Monday 21/06/2010, 14:07

Im' playing azgroth and ghumbo in nightmare with roots... i can go for it in 1300 tommorrow or later but the problem is.............
Classes just started this month here in our country!smiley
so doing that would be impossiblesmiley

offline LVK4 Senior  
Tuesday 22/06/2010, 13:34

I use: deleted

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