offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Thursday 24/06/2010, 15:51

As some said I dropped bridget for gibson and introduce malmoth for lolly and to maintain that damage reduction element I bought veeneyle and put her in over dreen even though 1 damage is usless and 3 damage is ok, because its about balance but has any one got any further ideas about how to improve this deck? Also I am looking to go to a 4/4 deck so which character should I introduce from montana and which one from junkz should be ditched?


offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Thursday 24/06/2010, 22:56

Come on folks please reply

offline badna0 Imperator  
Friday 25/06/2010, 06:34

Link your preset properly by typing "preset", then a colon, then the number of your preset at the very end of the url.
Also, I hate to be a grammar nazi, but proper spelling and punctuation goes a long way towards generating replies to your post.

OK, Rant over - but I can't really tell from your post who you have in your deck. I gather it's a Montana/Junkz dual deck, and you have Gibson, Malmoth, and Veenyle... but that's not really enough to go on to give comments.

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Friday 25/06/2010, 11:36

That link works though, its not a link to montana but a link to the deck, try clicking it, ps I think I only made one spelling error. MY deck includes gibson, malmoth, veenyle, Milovan, Ottavia, Otakool, Ficcanso, Rowdy. I think thats all.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Friday 25/06/2010, 12:46

He said punctuation, not spelling. As in full stops and commas, you have a run-on sentence there that makes it a chore to read.

Not having a go, just saying that many people will give up if a post is worded in a difficult way. You'll maximise your responses if you make the extra effort.

And it's generally best to avoid clan names in presets, as when you link them in forums the clan's name takes its default red link and messes up the preset URL. Still clickable if there are any non clan name words, though (purple links).

Anyway... the deck:

Why have you imbalanced this with a 3/4 split when you could use Spiaghi in place of Veenyle? Not only is he a better DR, but he has more power and more chance of an active bonus in a 4/4 split.

The deck is ok, but you're lacking some pretty powerful staples.

Mona and Edd, for example. Also cards like Otakool and Ficcanaso aren't great.

If I were you, and if you can afford it, I'd make the following changes:

Edd 4*
Mona 3*
Otavia/Sharon 3*
Spiaghi 2*
Total 12*

Rowdy 4*
Gibson 4*
Tremorh 3*
Gil 2*

If you can't afford Gil, Dreen will replace him well enough.

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Friday 25/06/2010, 18:42

Mona is too dear just now I dont want to sell the ongh I just got yet! I was told that otkool was an improvement over what I had before both in terms of damage and his ability, it used to be 3/3/1 with a leader but gibson replaced bridget and I changed another card as well. I was saving up for edd and spiaghi, Veenyle was just a stop gap to take lolly's place in the meantime.

I have used Dreen and shes is very good however I am thinking of going with sentogan over her as he is better against gheist I am trying to build a deck with some reistance to the stop bonus and stop ability clans, at first I was just trying to counter stop bonus clans. Tremoth is also a little dear, so I may go with Onik Instead. Ottavia over Sharon would be good.

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Friday 25/06/2010, 19:36

Is Taham to "big" for split decks? Cause I want to buy him at some point.

offline TCG_Kris Senior  
Saturday 26/06/2010, 01:28

Taham is nice but both clans have good 4 stars in Gibson, Rowdy, Edd and even Vito

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Saturday 26/06/2010, 20:05

Hmm Vito is not my cup of tea, Edd is, Hey I have a new preset its quite good with fabio being able to offer resistance vs all stars, if there is a stronger soa card in these two clans than ottakool I would like to know, I want to get onik in my deck but cant figure how to do so and keep a 4-4 split and 25 stars, I want fabio and EDD!

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Wednesday 30/06/2010, 19:47

montan/junz deck 4.5

Hows this look then?

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