offline googoo4gaga Master  
Tuesday 29/06/2010, 23:34

I got him in my pack, pretty lucky.... but should I sell him so I can make an ELO deck or should I keep him because he wont always be ELO banned... or will he? Let me know what you think I should do, and what I should possibly spend the clinkz on

offline googoo4gaga Master  
Thursday 01/07/2010, 01:14

When do new releases come?

offline BesucherXia Titan XiongDang
Thursday 01/07/2010, 02:56

Every second Friday, 10-12 a.m. GMT+1, and there should be one this week.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Thursday 01/07/2010, 10:34

"He's not part of the big 5"

No one said he was, the poster implied that as the Big 5 could be let back with the new changes The Tan Man's chances of being set loose are high.

However, the admins told us these changes would probably not be for a while yet, and we've not heard anything 100%. So I say sell him and use the clintz to buff your other decks.

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