offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Sunday 04/07/2010, 17:29

Hey how any tips on this deck would be much appreciated, please read the description so you can understand my thought process for the deck and also what elements of stratergy I want to retain but possibly with better cards


Like all decks without attack manipulation it may be weak if so advise on how to improve that or just how to use my cards better against attack manipulation would be good! Yes I am going to get striker!

offline Growing WMD Titan  
Monday 05/07/2010, 05:36

Striker for SOA
mirina for damage and damage reduction
robb/randy for pure power
jessie for power and life
Yayoi as another SOA
Muze as poison
brittany for attack mainpulation
betty for life

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 19:48

Stiker - 4S - elo banned this week I dont have 11000 clintz either but he will be in my dt decks when I get him, alexi is no much weaker!
Robb - 3S - good but I am thinking kahn for the attack mainpulation to aid vs montans et al
Jessie - 2S - good against sob weak against soa, although good power enables her to escape montans 7 powered cards after 3 pills total she only needs 1 more than her 5 powered enemy (against other attack manipulators its 2 or vs junkz she needs only 1 quickly, vs montana when she gets to 6 pills total your opponent will likely then need to pill more than you)
Mirina - 4S good card high damage but in a half deck with damage reduction is another dr really required? especially as I went for some pussy cats with resistance to soa or sob.

Total 13
Yaoi - 4 stars all round strong
Muze 3S - soa weakens her a little bit still an ok card
Britany 2S - Her or the higher damge, power reducing felyn not an easy choice but soa makes britany the more solid card cant decide between these two
Betty 2S- solid power, soa a problem but still would have her damage reduction sob affects her more than ella who I Prefer

Total - 11

Id be inclined to keep clara and not have muze then either 2 2 stars or a 3 star with gwen @1 star

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 20:08

Hmm but Clara has more powe and can win her fights against the attack manipulators or the pirhanas plus she still dr's against pirhanas should they use some ungodly number of pills, Noemi to Yayoi a decent switch which gives the deck more verstaility and helps vs certain al stars or high damage cards, at other times will allow Yayoi a chace to get her 6 damage in, Yayoi is weaker against Mona and Prince Jr and probably against montans in general but then agains 7 power is a lot better than 5. Cesare is a good defensive card and the + 2 life can be hard to actually get.

What about Liu to Kang
Noemi to Baby Q
Caeser to Flo?

offline Zhudac Hero  
Monday 05/07/2010, 20:35

Robb is WAY better against Montana then Kang. Whenever Montana goes against Robb, they have to pill 3-4 depending on who's going first and star count... you can use that to your advantage, just playing other cards and forcing them to waste 3 pills on cards like Prince Jr, Sharon, Ottavia, Donnie, etc.

Clara isn't T1-calibre. "Ungodly number of pills"? Piranas can easily use 7 pills on something like Selma and hit you for 5 damage, and you'll both be pretty close or even in pills.... If you want a 5*, use Charlie. Much better.

Striker is way, way better than Alexei. The prospect of a game ending there and then due to KO, as well as being damage-reducer proof except for Pcats, is alot to bear when making decisions. If I were you, I'd follow Growing WMD's suggestions...

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 20:49

Hmm but against prince junior robb is a 4 power card and prince is a 2 power but to get over that attack hurdle of 12 takes 3 pills! where as Khan is a 4 prince jr is a 5 but the attack hurdle is only 6, 2 pills. Erm plus clara has damage reduction which the pirhanas cant touch.

See another angle is this Noemi - Yayoi - gain an soa useful addition, keep Liu trade alexi for Kang thus I can have both Kang and Davina in the deck as I cant decide who is better. Lets see Davina has 1 power over a corageous Edd but has a 12 attack manip to contend with meaning she needs either 2 pills to win or at 6 pills needs only 1 more to win where as Kang is a 6/4 with -6 attack thus he is down one power and 6 attack (thus at more than 6 pills he needs more than 1 pill more to win) however against the other montanas he is stronger. Sob weakens vs pirhans him but he then has his attack manipulation but often a power equality or disadvantage. Or I go alexi to Stacey (-2 stars) Noemi to Baby Q (+1 stars), Liu to khang (-1 stars) and Feelyn to Yayoi (+ 2 stars)

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 20:51

Hes is also elo banned this week, 1 damage is not much and both are vulnerable to dr's as there damage is pure damage not ability based.

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 21:15

7/8 with soa - see I think soa is actually more usefull on weaker cards with 8/5 sob in most cases an opponent wont be coming back from 8/5 unless they use an 8 or 7 powered card.

offline TheDarkOrc10 Hero Dark Order of Assassins
Monday 05/07/2010, 23:42


This is my new idea!

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 07/07/2010, 08:17

Is this for DTs???

its tough to run Pussycats in DT since you lose a lot of time if you want to activate their bonus..... but if you want to run Pussycats for DT. I would suggest that you run some high damage pussycats.... Charlie Yayoi etc... and make sure the other cards can 2HKO with you heavy hitters.... this is what makes Randy a great card at 3 stars.

without 2 hit KO threats, a DT deck with pussycats will be too slow i think

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