Monday 05/07/2010, 18:59

So i want to make and ELO deck with Ulu/Junkz. smiley
I cant make up my mind on which characters to pick. smiley
Any pointers on which characters i should use. smiley
Any advice is greatly appreciated. smiley
Thanks. smiley

Tuesday 06/07/2010, 12:51

Shadow has adivsied me to of Gil and tremorth but personally I dont see how you can have both (the hard part then is deciding who is best), unless you go say Gil, Dreen, Lolly and tremorth and make your Ulu Watu side huge, what good would drawing two pill manipulators do you against cards with double attack or power manipulation? Let alone soa cards.

Wednesday 07/07/2010, 01:16

Well first of all most of the time you wouldnt be getting both.
and the second thing is that you could use one as bluff and the other as the pill drainer?


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