Sunday 11/07/2010, 17:53

I'm getting absolutely sick and fed up of ELO and I wanted to reach 1200 regulary but ALWAYS (repeat: ALWAYS) go off on a losing streak.

Absolutely fed up with 2 credits and now wanting to move on to 5 credits BUT IT IS NOW IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Is there any decks that's GUARENTEED to work and get me to the impossible, unachieveable target of 1200?!?!?

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:03

As is in all card games may it be here in the internet or real life..
even the best deck in the world cannot make a player the best player in the world.

it's all in the player.

a bad deck in the hands of a good player can still win games.
a good player with a good deck will lead to good games.
a bad deck combined with a bad player and you know what happens.
a good deck in the hands of the inexperienced will also be put to waste.

what you need is more practice, more experience, and a deck that suits your play style..not a deck given to you by random players telling you this or that is a good deck and this or that will lead you to victory.

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:15

I've spent ages doing ELO and still makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever.
Not when I'm always up against expert players that know ELO inside out.

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:30

Ok look I'm not the best elo player.

But I have 1312, the reason I do is because I picked a clan that I know how to use and I don't give up.

I go on losing streaks a lot sometimes, I drop below 1000 as well, but I get back up to 1300 because I'm using a clan that I know very well and I also try think two moves ahead.

You have to be willing to call bluff's in elo as some people like me will throw down their most powerful card in hand at 0 pillz because 5 out of 10 time you pill a lot to be me or you pill zero and take a hit. Even if its only 1 pill you put on a card do it as you have a chance of that powerhouse being a bluff and you just got in some easy damage with out over pilling.

Part of the problem may just be the cards you currently have so you may want to upgrade them to a clan you seem to have the most wins against good players.

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:35

@Jin Kisaragi
I'm still on a losing streak so bad it'll take up 3 of these posts.

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:36

Give us a deck , and how much clintz you have/ are going to have and then we will sort something.

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:50

Yea st3f and I can make you some thing

Sunday 11/07/2010, 19:58

First deck (using Bridget as Sledge is banned this week)

Second deck (Recommened by someone)

I currently have 48,481 clintz but saving them all for somthing (can't mention it I'm afraid).

Sunday 11/07/2010, 20:00

You said:
"I've spent ages doing ELO and still makes NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever."

You have 1 479 fights including 941 wins under your belt. They are not all from ELO. If around 70 battles in ELO for the week is already ages for you, I suggest you spent more "ages" to get better at it. As I said before, more practice, more experience. You won't get it inside a day even if you wanted to. Even if you get the best deck in the world in your hands it will never be a guarantee that you will do better. You need experience.

you said:
"Not when I'm always up against expert players that know ELO inside out."

Well what do you expect in ELO? You wanted to be up against inexperienced players with terrible decks? By stepping inside ELO you should be expecting to face a lot of competition there. That format is filled with players who are experienced at the game. You can't go there praying that you want to only go up against bad players with bad decks. You should always expect hard competition specially in that room. And actually, good competition is great for experience building because you will learn more and you will learn better through facing up with better players. Playing against newbies and the inexperienced who uses bad decks doesn't make one a better player.

Sunday 11/07/2010, 20:05

This is my first week playing ELO and im at 1215(got it in one night of playing). However I'm used to dissecting the meta as I play an other card game professionally(Yu-gi-oh). Making specific card choices for you deck is crucial to playing against the 'strong decks of the week'. For example this week I was almost certain that SOA will be used quite a bit. So I decided to use Piranas w/ Eklore and a lethane as a 2* filler. Since Roots are a very defensive deck, I can use a heavily pill manipulation deck to swing the game into my favor.

As game mechanics go for UR in ELO, Bluffing is a key to winning, but from what I see from experience from any card game is knowing to save your resources and not 'over extend'.

Play Smart and Make Reads. Think of the plays ahead.


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