offline rogueSleipnir Guru URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 13/07/2010, 06:47

I'd like to know some good recommendations on cards that make it easier to beat the recent Nightmare staples.

such as..


things that come to mind are SoA Abilities (no bonus)
and manipulation abilities..

offline Slewor Guru THE EXPLOSIVE ELITE
Wednesday 14/07/2010, 12:43

Trish and platinum are good against Oshitsune

offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Wednesday 14/07/2010, 12:44


offline Capt Jim Imperator Only Fools & Horses
Wednesday 14/07/2010, 20:26

Sledg and Kerry have served me well.

Used junkz and sak deck uranus is brilliant as it ruins there damage.

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