offline crocobill Imperator  
Tuesday 13/07/2010, 11:36

Please give us your ideas in order to enlarge our community in this part of the world. We would also like you to help us identify new payment providers, potential communication partners (game websites, blogs, ...)

We are also looking for motivated players who could help us getting Urban Rivals known (by presenting the game in blogs for instance).

offline crocobill Imperator  
Wednesday 21/07/2010, 19:34

@9trey : we ve advertised on a lot of websites. Listing all of them here would be boring smiley
What kind of game partnerships do you have in mind ?

offline 0 McV T Senior  
Wednesday 21/07/2010, 23:26

I joined UR when i saw a mini-clip in MostFunGames.Com xD

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 22/07/2010, 05:00

I say make adds on facebook, twitter, maybe even a TV commercial. Also I think that maybe adds should go on frequently visited game websites such as Kongregate and NewGrounds and possibly Armor-Games.

And I'd say try to get adds on the big anime websites since many people I know via real life or via this game watch(ed) anime.

offline Lexos02 Hero URBAN MADNESS
Friday 23/07/2010, 14:49

Most of these methods above are pretty much the most effective means of advertising here but the most effective in my mind would be posters in places like Netopia.

offline The Feared Senior the courtyard of shadows
Friday 23/07/2010, 15:17

@ -Wicer

There are ads on Armour Games. I saw the ads on Armour Games and started played Urban Rivals.

offline DBWizards Titan Open Casket
Friday 23/07/2010, 16:35

You know the best way to advertise Urban rivals in the philippines is through the use of internet cafe promos
since internet shops in the philippines are the ones who can start a trend here.. just like other MMORPG games

offline 0 3MiN3M Novice  
Saturday 24/07/2010, 08:56

FM is Filipino, so why won't she be in the Phils? And, maybe establishing SMS payment here with Globe or Smart might help. Maybe even some ads on national tv.

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 24/07/2010, 10:50

if I'm not wrong there is UR ad in newgrounds
how about advertise on gamespot and gamefaqs?

how about cherry credits (for payment) for Indonesia?

if you want to do advertisement on magazine in Indonesia I might suggest, gamestation

example of their magz:

or you could try zigma - omega (most likely omega because zigma is for console and handle game review)

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Saturday 24/07/2010, 10:56

sometimes I visit sankaku, but I'm not sure if it is appropriate to put game advert in there..

another info, for indonesian largest forum community, try kaskus

offline Genovious Hero War Party
Sunday 25/07/2010, 04:36

How about Convention centers at the philippines...set up a booth when a some cosplay convention is gonna be held..some thing like that..

opening sms option for philippines would help as philippines are one of the country that cellphone load is widely used..

and make a facebook fanpage and have a daily, weekly and monthly lottery.. (random common cards or clintz for daily, random uncommon or 1k - 2k clintz for weekly and random rare cards or 2k - 5k clintz for monthly and have 10 winners daily, 5 winners weekly and 3 winners monthly or something like that)

internet cafe promos, giveaways (partnering with game sites), and other initiatives..

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