offline owButtacup Ld Veteran ONE WORLD
Tuesday 20/07/2010, 03:16

I my current half deck for roots is
miken moose

It was originally gonna be lou to amanie and jeto to rico, but then i decided i need the life gap. on the other hand, i needed a card with high damage so i thought i should change to lily. but i thought lilly was to weak so i wanna know ur opinion. Should i go with Lily to counter power manip cards. Or have amanie for the life gap?

offline Un67 Imperator  
Tuesday 20/07/2010, 04:04

Personally I would avoid 4* Roots, as all of them are mediocre at best and aren't really that strong. I would actually do Amanie to Noodile, and Arno to Yookie. Why? There will be a ton of other Roots decks out there and you won't want low powered cards against them. Also, if you have the money to get a Shakra, then by all means do so. Otherwise I would just go with what I suggested.

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