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Tuesday 20/07/2010, 14:21 the 5th most popular ELO card in the last 5 days. Does that strike anybody else as completely out of whack? ELO is supposed to be the most current format in the game, yet here's a CR costing over 27K clintz in the top 5.

Most people would agree that he's a staple in any PIranas deck, or even half deck. But he's a CR, so you can't get him in a pack. If you're a new player, you have to pay more than for any non-CR card in the game to get him on the market.

What this means is that Piranas, one of the strongest ELO clans, is now a lot less attractive to new players. That can't be good for UR.

-- signed, a wannabe Piranas player who registered after Smokey became CR

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Monday 26/07/2010, 17:15

Let's not use the term "newbie friendly" anymore, because people see the term and assume that I want newbies to be able to do as well as the experienced players in Elo. That's not what I mean. It boils down to this: I feel all staple Elo cards should be equally accessible to all players. And by equally accessible I mean, if a non-newbie can get it in a pack, then so should a newbie, If a newbie has to pay a high price for it, then so should a non-newbie.

@vexedvox: I don't want cards that newbies can't afford to be banned. I want staple cards that newbies have to pay so much more for than non-newbies, and all the non-newbies seem to have, to be banned. He doesn't get many weekly ban votes because he's not that strong, but I'm suggesting his perma ban for reasons other than his strength.

@Agito_King: I know life isn't fair, but it's worth trying to make it fairer, isn't it? I hope I'm not seen as throwing a tantrum. smiley

@wasteroftime: What was the price of Smokey Cr before he became Cr? Let's estimate by taking the price of the most expensive non-Cr common in the game (I believe that's Sledg) at 3K. Therefore, long time players can build your standard Piranas half deck for 12K. For a newbie, building a comparable half deck like your Skeelz and All Stars examples takes twice that. That's a massive rate of inflation, no.

OK, 70 posts later, I hope I've made my case. I'm going to stop beating the dead horse now. Thanks for the responses, all. smiley

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