offline xcross2121 Senior  
Friday 23/07/2010, 05:59

Hey Im trying to get enough clintz thru battle to buy cards for my sentinel deck because i dont have enough credits to use so i can have access to the public and private selling stuff but issue is that my opponets outsmart me and beat me so i cant earn clintz fast at all smiley .So I was hoping someone knew a good strategy or tactic to give me a better edge at the game so i can earn clintz fastr.


offline yoyomoer_xD Guru  
Friday 23/07/2010, 07:07

Well... I think the best you can do to earn clintz is to buy credits and then buy a pack at the shop. I would recommend you to buy a full deck pack or 2 new blood packs next week (when the new cards arrive), because if you get one of the rare new cards you'll easily earn over 10000 clintz if you sell it inmediately. Last week, I got dagg in a pack and I easily earned 32000 clintz smiley. Also, buying 2 new bloods you spend less money, because you should easily get 10 credits from missions, so you only need to buy credits once. I hope this helped smiley

offline yoyomoer_xD Guru  
Friday 23/07/2010, 07:34

Oh... but now that I read the topic and the description I see that you are asking for strategies xD... well... one of the important things is to try to predict what your opponent will do. Let me explain: if you send a card with high power like carlos your opponent will probably think twice before using pillz on his card. So, you send carlos with just a couple of pillz. This is called bluffing, and it's useful to gain pillz advantage in a match if your opponent tries to defeat your card or to do a little free damage if your opponent doesn't use pillz.

Also, I would recommend that you save your high damaging cards, like zdrone, for the later rounds, because it doesn't matter if your opponent wins all his rounds with low damaging cards, if you send zdrone with fury you can easily win a match. Of course, you should do this if your opponent has low damaging cards or if you have a life advantage over your opponent.

Another advice is that you always go for the KO. I mean, if you have the oportunity to send a high damaging card in the first or second round you should do it, because that way you will have the advantage over your opponent. You can use this advantage to play mindgames with your opponent: you can bluff making your opponent think that you are going for the KO or you can go for an unexpected KO with a card with fury. But you shouldn't always rely on these tactics, because everybody plays in a different way.

Anyway... you should consider buying a pack or 2 :thumbs

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