Monday 26/07/2010, 13:58

Ghumbo, Caelus, Copper, Morphun, Eyrik, Shakra

Marina, Striker, Hugo, Uranus, Hugo, Toro, Oshitsune, Sytlh

Expect to see All Stars, GHEIST and Jungo. Possibly Nightmare with Oshitsune available.

Tuesday 27/07/2010, 19:50

All Stars in full force... so is GHEIST .

Gotta find a way to beat pesky Striker and Marina.

Thursday 29/07/2010, 00:21

Dont perma-ban caelus he is keeping most of the votes in check if he gets perma-banned you might see cards get banned that arent even that good just because most of the votes arent going to caelus.

Thursday 29/07/2010, 03:12

Huh. Whaddya ya know, Marina is unbanned. Thank god I have just bought Leviatonn from a friend.

Oshitsune. Wholly crap, this is bad for a lot of players. He's worse than Caelus, cause he can fit into decks.

Gonna see a lot of All-Stars and GHEIST, I reckon. Better get my game face on...

Oh yeah, Sylth too? DAMN

Thursday 29/07/2010, 08:12

Last normal elo week (hopefully)smiley

Thursday 29/07/2010, 19:33

Yeah. Next week will be very interesting. We can go clan by clan and look at what was lost, but what will be the most interesting will be to try to deduce just how the meta game and balance between clans will shift.

For example, Piranas got a good clubbing in that list, and Nightmare came off light. I imagine folks will use votes to further hobble Nightmare. If SoB clans are weak, then SoA clans could do really well. And any environment that leads to SoA clans doing well favors Skeelz. But at the same time if SoB clans are suffering, clans with large attack manipulation are in a good spot too....

And so on and so on.

Laugh it up this week folks. Next week will be wild.


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