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Tuesday 03/08/2010, 23:12

I've tidied up my proposed solution and changed the thread title to avoid confusion. I've also changed the name of the proposed idea to avoid bickering about tiers.

Solution - Limit System.

- Mark all considered overpowered cards (Toro, Rolph, Smokey Cr, Charlie, etc...) as 'Limited'.
- Add new stipulation to Elo deck build rules:

Your Deck can only contain X Limited cards.



- Limited cards would only be the cards that are considered too powerful. So some clans would not have any Limited cards at all.

- The limited list could rotate, or it could even be placed under player vote.

- This would stop decks being made up with the obvious cards, but would allow us to still play these cards in a limited capacity.


Discuss, feedback, and so on...
The previous thread can be found here:

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback.

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Thursday 12/08/2010, 21:32

You then go on tobring up the point about luck of the draw.

Let's look at some potential decks with the proposed Limit system:

Clans used: GHEIST, All Stars, Nightmare, PIranas, Rescue

Limited cards from the clans above (a simple 'for instance'):

Rolph, Toro, Leviatonn, Bristone, Striker, Marina, Robb, Jessie, Dalhia, Smokey Cr, Hawkins, Ghumbo, Oshitsune, Pan, Kerry, Elvira, Sledge, Lea.

Rolph, Toro, Arkn, z3r0 d34d
Alexei, Randy, Kang, Stacey


Ghumbo, Glorg, Sargh, Phyllis
Smokey Cr, Ulrich, Tyd, Tula


Kerry, Glosh, Suzie, Elvira,
Anita, Slyde, Steve, Krash

A few points:

Many high ranking players already used super imba decks before. Cramming in two 5*s and a 4*, and using semi-evos or 2* cards to support them. Many of these decks did very well in Elo mode.

When you reach 1300e, as you well know, you need to score consecutive wins to climb well. This means learning to play the inevitable underpowered hands you'll be given every now and then with as much ability as the more powerful draws.

And even if the limit system would increase these inevitable situations, everyone would be in the same boat.

And as climbing high in Elo is already reliant on learning to play your lowest hands as well as your highest, well, there's really no change.

No combination of the 2 limited cards against on of the other decks drawing no limited cards would be an absolute conclusion and would only prepare people for how the game emerges in the higher tiers.

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Thursday 12/08/2010, 21:50


Yes, Lehane is overpowered. For a two star. There are many five stars that aren't currently banned that would easily destroy her. The reason they aren't banned while Lehane is is because she is only two stars. It's not cards that are overpowered in general that need to be limited, but cards that are overpowered for their star count.

Yes, bad draws may be create imbalance with the limit system. They will create imbalance with any other system as well, unless your entire deck is composed of equally powered three star cards. Most of the cards that need to be limited aren't so overpowered that the game is decided when they are drawn. I don't think luck of the draw is going to be an issue.


I think there has been enough talk. Arguments have been made, arguments have been settled. An event to test it would definitely be a good step forward.

General statement:

This is a discussion, so everyone should be open to the opinions of others. Defending your statement is fine, but insulting those who oppose you is not an effective way to do so. Simply give reasons/examples to prove you are right, and if you make a good stand, people will listen. There is no need to take things to the personal level.

“Thanks to everyone who's responded with maturity and perspective. I don't expect everyone to agree with me of course, but I'm not sure why some people are out-right attacking me.

Intelligence levels dipping, I suppose.”

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Thursday 12/08/2010, 21:58

"Most of the cards that need to be limited aren't so overpowered that the game is decided when they are drawn. I don't think luck of the draw is going to be an issue."

This is the crux of it. The limit system isn't there to simply limit overpowered cards, but the popular cards too.

While Toro is a powerhouse, Rolph doesn't compete in the same way. It's limiting the options of the clan and saying: you can play toro, /but/ you'll have to think very carefully abou the other cards you take. And as Leviatonn and Bristone are limited too, is toro really such an obvious choice?

An All Stop and a strong Dr might make a lot more sense than a power manipulator in certain halves, no matter how powerful that power manipulator is.

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Thursday 12/08/2010, 21:59

"I think there has been enough talk."

Good point. I'll close this for now and set up an event over the next few days. Once we've done some testing we can get some proper feedback on the idea.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread.

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