offline Atrimis Master  
Saturday 14/08/2010, 05:14

Alright, so I joined a long time ago, got sucked in by other games, and have returned to UR. My question is this: What are some good introductory clans for elo mode? I'm not looking to break any records, but I've herd that maintaining a good 1300 rating is profitable and the most rewarding for your time.

At the moment I have an influx of Sakrohm, Roots, Junkz, and Nightmare clan cards, but I am willing to aquire other cards that will help me reach my 1300 goal.

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Sunday 15/08/2010, 00:32

That's fine.

1300e is easy. All you need to do is win more than you lose and keep going. From then on you score less for a win than you lose for a loss, so you need to make sure you start winning more.

If you can consistently get to 1300e only losing a few games, then you're doing better then most.

offline Atrimis Master  
Monday 16/08/2010, 01:16

I changed a few cards around, taking out my weaker ones for a few with better stats and abilities and seam to have a better win/loss record atm. a least i'm not under 900e now.

offline all41n14all Veteran  
Monday 16/08/2010, 01:21

@TC_Kid im lvl 22 and i hit 1313 it all matters about understanding of game and reading your opponent.

offline 0 Braxter Hero  
Monday 16/08/2010, 01:48

@all41n14all: isn't that what i basically said?

offline all41n14all Veteran  
Monday 16/08/2010, 03:42

Yea pretty much i didnt read youre last sentence lol my b

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