offline DiversityRA Hero - fang.crew -
Sunday 15/08/2010, 18:48

Ok I made this deck for elo and so far its not really working (remaining under 1200). I'm 100% sure I should change the cards (Lou for instance needs to go, maybe for ojibway or someone, no matter how much i love her smiley and seriously I'm going to need Olga ), but I'm slightly low on cash and I don't want to screw up and buy people that will work even worse.

Surprisingly when i tried out the deck in T1 after mass frustration of getting to like 1150 and sinking down to 1060, it worked really well, and i won a little more than 2/3 of my matches, mostly with around 2 - 4 pillz leftover. Im assuming this is because the people arent getting filtered out the more you win. Anyway i think i'll keep it for that.

Also this probly isn't related, but i saw it a lot, and i looked for what it could mean, and couldn't find it. What does to 'splash' a card mean?

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Monday 16/08/2010, 01:10

Lou works great in the deck, she certainly doesn't "need" to go anywhere.


offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Monday 16/08/2010, 21:21

Ofcourse not shadow... but i expected that.

sorry Lou needs to go. That furball is not a top top tier 5 star, its a scary card with the 8 damage. but the proposed deck would benefit from dropping less competitive cards in favour of lower other lower starred top notch cards (yookie or arno or noodile) and using the spare stars to boost up the weaker card in the other half of the deck (harleen, Olga noel, and even Baldovino).

the object of split decks is to try and put together the best cards from the different clans.... not to put together average/decent cards with other average/decent cards

so Lou (or even Baldovino or both) needs to go -- the OPs deck is far better served by putting cards like Bogdan and Grudj into the mix and that will come at the price of dumping the fatter cards.

offline MABanator Hero Ramshackle Glory
Monday 16/08/2010, 22:26

Boldovino is a great card and lou should not be her nut it doesnt really matter since her and rico r banned. yookie for rico and lou 2 arno leaving u 3 stars 2 do with as u please and olga for olga noel

offline Z4KALW3 Hero  
Tuesday 17/08/2010, 00:58

I disagree. Imba decks work fine, and have been proven to work fine. Lou has been a high end competitive clan in the new Elo, proven by her current ban.

Lou is a very capable card BECAUSE of her 8 damage. You can manipulate that threat to your advantage, and is exactly why so many decks have used her in higher tier elo recently.

Your preference might be balanced, but that's certainly not the only effective way to play and it's been proven both ways.

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