Sunday 22/08/2010, 10:44

DO u think it wud be decent to use a Sentinel half deck in ELO and if so....combined with which clans?

Friday 27/08/2010, 04:07

Tobbie trumps Aurelia and Rick in a lot of situations.... tobbie's abilitiy really puts a hurt on non-attack manipulators. His 4 damage was HUGE when one considers Copper was running loose with his 8 damage. With Copper out of the way, Tobbie's threat is not as big as it once was.

at this point, id say mono-Sentinels is too decimated to compete, half deck options are still there:

Lehane and Melvin are still both solid ELO competitive cards... after that it all becomes a bit fragile

Tessa Cr for those that can afford her (but at 5 stars, there are probably much better ways to spend your stars).

Friday 27/08/2010, 15:01

I think Tessa is the best you can have at 5-stars at the moment. You could downgrade to 4-stars, but who would you put in apart from Coby (who is already a shoo-in for mono sentinels)? Miranda is Tessa with inconsistent damage. Zhang might be okay. But apart from those? Nobody fits the Bill.

You could upgrade one of the 2-stars to Skiner but that means you have to run a sub-par 4-star.

Saturday 28/08/2010, 18:18

Tobbie really sucks when faced with soa but he's not so bad when faced with higher attack manipulation cards. yuo just need pill advantage. i'm using this one deleted

Sunday 29/08/2010, 04:43

Yeah, Tessa is the best 5 star Sentinel in ELO. Sad as she's pretty far outside most folks price range.

Sentinel can run a 5/4/3/3/3/3/2/2 line up well. The OP has a very good list for that.


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