offline Jako2 Senior  
Friday 21/09/2007, 14:33

I have played loads of games and I find this strategy quite helps me. I hope it helps others, too.
If you are facing an opponent who has cards of a higher level than yours, and this always happens to me, always offer up your weakest card first, no pills attatched. The other player will probably laugh to himself at how puny you are, and play his most powerful card to finish you off. Then you play your second weakest card, with maybe two pillz attatched. Again he will play a big, strong card. (to the sceptics out there, this alllllwaaaays happens to me, and I myself frequently fall into the trap.) The you are left with your two strongest cards, and his two weakest ones. Play your strongest first, with about 5 or 6 pillz, depending on how many you used in round two. This will take him by surprise! In all his victory, he forgot about your pillz you had left! Then play your second strongest one with the same amount of pillz attatched, and wath yourself win, or at least draw!
Although this may seem obvious, trust me, it's a tournament beater!

Feel free to post suggestions/comments below...

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 22/09/2007, 19:17

We don't lock or destroy threads just because the word random is used. However constant complaining about the randomizer, which we all know few people like by now, isn't a productive topic of conversation and will get a thread closed.
The randomizer isn't going away. It's a part of the game and it's working as intended. We offered rooms without it, and people chose to abuse them or just ignore them. It does not need to be discussed any longer as all it is now is just complaining about an issue that the staff is not going to change for now.

Also, making snarky commentary about the administrators will not make us smile down on you, and may get us to take action. Keep this in mind before you make any more comments of that nature.


offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Saturday 22/09/2007, 19:26

Dude, this strategy "tactic" already exists (you learn this game by experience), if you have 3 cards in your hand with 5-6 damage, send it with 6-7 pills, 7-8 pills if you know you will have a hard time or if you have a mirror opponent; finally, block with a damage reducer on the 2nd turn, but attack if your opponent seems weak is and not willing to spend 5-6 pills on your attack, on your 3rd turn if your opponent has a chance to kill you, it's either send your strongest card with all pills or if you know his strongest card can kill your attacking 3rd turn card but will not KO you, send it with no pills and attack your weakest card with all pills, this Works with me since I'm using an All Stars / Pussycats deck and I'm sure to have a damage reducer with Marina or an unevolved pussycat, cool? GG's in ELO and seriously, a strategy corner in this game is Malabo (haazzzzy) since there are sooo many different decks out there, too many different types of situations per deck. smiley

offline Jako2 Senior  
Sunday 23/09/2007, 10:37

By the way this thread wasn't i nteded for the masters and seniors out there, you guys already know your stuff, but it was intended for first timers who don't know what there doing, It was intended to help them get along untill they find a tactic that suits them. I personally have used this many times, and it usually works. It relies on human nature. The more powerfull you get the more careless you get. And if you disagree, then you are disagreeing with Frieud. Thank you.

offline 0 haydos Master  
Monday 24/09/2007, 08:27

Not trying to be mean but jako2's stats stand at

Level 7
506 battle points
48 fights including 13 wins....

13 wins from 48 matches would suggest to me that this strategy doesnt work too well

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Tuesday 25/09/2007, 09:18

Perhaps, those 13 battles are all won in a row... after a long time of testing less than perfect strategies, this one, the Jacko ruse finally works.

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