offline crazydaze95 Guru the dynamite fuses
Sunday 12/09/2010, 18:20

Oceanic this new clan of underwater warriors are hear to take a stand and want to turn clint city into one great big ocean first 4 characters

3 star
power 7 damage 4
ability at level 3 -3 damage min 1
clan bonus - 2 opp pillz min of 3
bio: a underwater atlantis warrior what many consider as a myth but this guy is for real.

2 star
power 6 damage 5
ability at level 1 +12 attack
bio: a mischeavious mermaid who has come to clint city to reek havok amongst all of its inhabitants

4 star
ability at level 3 +1 power
power 7 damage 6
bio : this power house is atlantis frontline against intruders and this is all they need as he has earned the nickname one man army

3 star
ability at level 3 protection bonus
power 6 damage 2
bio : as the brains of atlantis reed was the inventor of the o2h manipulator as breathing devise what lets atlantis dweelers come to the surface without suthocating.

hope you like my clan smiley

offline Phoxez Senior  
Tuesday 25/01/2011, 21:09

Someone make a clan that opposes the piranas smiley

offline owButtacup Ld Veteran ONE WORLD
Thursday 27/01/2011, 01:47

Oeanic's bonus: -1 opp life, +1 life

offline Jobys Revenge Master  
Thursday 27/01/2011, 06:02

I agree with what others have said in reference to balancing clans a bit more first before adding others. A lack of balance makes people wanting to use all the same clans, hence makes it pointless to make more.

available UR_Chaos Titan TRiNiTY
Friday 28/01/2011, 03:19

I may have already said this, but i want to see a clan with the Bonus=Opponant Bonus. That could really throw up the game

offline drum_styx Titan  
Sunday 30/01/2011, 07:27

I like the bonus=opp bonus and the "counter" based abilities. +2pillz bonus is OP.

offline burning rubber Veteran Distortion Zone
Thursday 03/02/2011, 23:07

My clan idea is the aeroactics a clan of the sky. i mean why not we have at sea [piranas or maybe ulu watu] we have the people on the ground.

Bio of clan: after a la junta wind storm exceeding 400 mph raged across clint city due to their new weapons. The aeroactics came down from the hiding in the clouds to rid the world of those who try to disrespect the powers of wind by generating it themselves.

clan bonus: cut opponents attack in half a minimum of 15

5 star
1: 3/2 ability at level four
2: 4/2 ability at level four
3: 4/4 ability at level four
4: 5/5 opp pillz become 2 less than yours
5: 7/6 opp pillz become 2 less than yours

Bio: zephiac got angered when a certain group of war obsessed people decided to mess with the wind and has called his fellow sky residers to eliminate them at all costs.

3 star
2: 4/3 ability at level 3
3: 6/1 - poison 3 min 2

Bio: Galatan is zephiac's right hand man and is up to any job. But, he has been having a hard time because his wings are still immobile from slyth's bite but some good things have came from it......

level 4
2: 2/4 no ability
3: 5/4 no ability
4: 8/4 no ability

Bio: cirrosatic has a serious problem like being a psychopath and an extremely big ego. Not ever is good said about him but just because of his relations to zephiac he is able to stay unharmed. But some people that have not acknowledged that cirrosatic is zephiac's.

I will make more in next post tell me if they are good

offline Stickies 0-1 Hero  
Friday 15/04/2011, 20:08

I've been hearing stuff about the new clan being polit from rosen and vansaar's bio. SO hear are my ideas. I'll just touch one new set of abilties and clan bonus

Bonus: Copy opp bonus/abilities (either 1 or both)

Abilities set one: Block
For example: Blocksmileyoison for the whole match if you a char with this ability opp cannot use poison for the whole match
Example 2: Blocksmileyillz, the opp cannot - pillz

Abitities set twosmileyatience/Cautious (cant decide on the name)
Its the opp to courage, meaning you'll have to play second for the ability to work

offline Stickies 0-1 Hero  
Friday 15/04/2011, 22:27

Another possible ability is Reject: - X Pillz min Y. During that round which the char is used - 2 opp pillz min 4 during the battle.

Good Examples

Block: Poison
Block: Pillz gain
Block: +Attack or -attack
Block: Stop bonus/abitity
Block: +Power

Cards I though of (without name though)

5Star: 7/6
Ability Block: +Attack

3Star: 6/4
Ability: Catious: Reject 2 opp pillz, min 4

2Star: 5/2
Ability: Support: +5 attack

5Star: 7/6
Ability: Reduced: -3 opp life min 0 (When this card power/damage/attack is reduced, ability takes effect)

Hope they are not too OP, Personally, I feel that i've made too many new sets of abilities but they are all plausible and not OP
On the previous post whenever u see this smiley replace with : P

Tuesday 23/04/2013, 16:26

Cool ideas smiley

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