Wednesday 22/09/2010, 19:52

It’s time for the results.
As you know, I received a lot of texts and it had been very difficult to choose.

You had to wait quite a long time so, in compensation, a top 10 has been chosen instead of just a top three.

I won’t write a long speech, I think you prefer results right now :

1: Text 31 - Fremmeno wins a Guru Cr
2: Text 26 - -Grave Lie- wins a Sum Sam Cr
3: Text 20 and 41 - TnT_Mathwiz and coolasc win a Marlysa Cr each
4: Text 12 - Omicron wins Armanda Cr
5: Text 21 - GarionKaiser wins Dragan Cr
6: Text 15 - Babs Hartley wins Sigmund Cr
7: Text 23 and 6 - pl ayer:3386113 and W M Daexen win an Elya Cr each
8: Text 7 - Gumbo123 wins Splata Cr
9: Text 24 - beanerz wins Jim Cr
10: Text 29 - UM_Korovief wins Selsya Cr

There is also a very long text which is not following the rules but all the jury loved it a lot. I thought the author deserved a prize too. We can call it the jury’s special prize.
I’m talking about Text 48 written by player: 7205329 who wins Reine Cr

Congratulations to the winners smiley

Friday 24/09/2010, 02:30

Congradulations to the winner. *sigh* There's always next year.

Saturday 25/09/2010, 00:24

I won something? Thought I have lost all hopes of winning smiley Thanks so much! Congratz to all the winner as well!

Saturday 25/09/2010, 00:41

Friendships are back profits!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 25/09/2010, 03:53

Yay, 3rd smiley will take my time reading other entries tomorrow, good job to all others especially who got even better smiley if failed there is always next year and hope.
my advice would be: try to imagine,and join imagination with stuff you like (in my case biochemestry, more specifically genetics and lab experiments) and created a story

Thursday 30/09/2010, 11:23

It's been a week now and I still haven't received my reward.....sending the prizes wont take another 4 months, will it? smiley

and when will the next fanscript contest begin?

Thursday 30/09/2010, 16:06

I think the prize is sent directly to your collection. I got my Reine Cr in my collection instantly without any signs.

Thursday 30/09/2010, 17:35

I know it should be sent directly to my collection, but it's just not there.....yet

Wednesday 06/10/2010, 13:33

Two weeks now and still no Selsya Cr in my collection

Wednesday 06/10/2010, 13:44

Are you sure you put the right player id when you sent your email?

Wednesday 06/10/2010, 14:46

............I think I copy-pasted it, but that's not a bad question


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